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    WS Equipment committee rejected the TLC application for International status

    Just read in Sailing Anarchy: "The Equipment committee has just voted to reject the TLC application for International status, and also intends to propose a change to the regulations so that such applications are not considered in the future " Interesting part starts at 2:12:45 on this video.
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    Gel coat repairs

    If you've seen my other thread you'll know I just got a "we-don't-know-how-old" laser in pretty good shape and I need some advice on gel coat repair. This is a picture of the problem: As you can see it's not the typical "spider web" lines that you make bigger and fill with gel coat... What...
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    I'm a laser owner... Again.

    Hi all, I haven't posted in over a decade, I had to move and sold the laser, but I've been thinking about getting one for a while and finally it's here. I don't know how old it is (very old I suppose) but it looks good enough. The different guides to date her haven't been very helpful so far...
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    Boom end

    How can I take off the cap end of the boom?
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    Restoration is over!!!

    Here's my 1979 laser on its first beat, (that's about 30 secs. after launching...) The sail is the one I bought to Jason Ellis here in Laserforum.
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    Standard or radial

    I`ve just bought an old laser, (my first one) and I've never sailed a laser before. I'm about to buy a new sail and I don't know if I should buy standard or radial. I'm about 1´68 m and 70 kg. Can somebody help me decide? I live in northwest Spain, gusty and sometimes strong winds...