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  1. gibsailor

    82 Super Laser Full Rig for sale

    Selling my 82 model year ZFSA55585V82H (#105558) considered a “Super Laser”. Rainbow pattern on the deck- Full rig with black mast and boom sections that i am told are a bit rare. I think they were made only for a few years. Basically has some graphics included but is all class legal. Boat is in...
  2. gibsailor

    NORTH CAROLINA Used Laser Sails

    Looking for any used full rig sails to replace my original 83 sail. Would like something in decent shape for some club racing.
  3. gibsailor

    North Carolina Laser racing events

    Have been racing most of my life and recently picked up a used laser in decent shape. Looking to get these old bones back on the water for some racing. Any recommendations on events in the Carolina's that may offer Masters division regatta's or club racing? Lake Norman area. With the Covid stuff...
  4. gibsailor

    Laser parts and rigging

    Picked up a 83 laser in great shape. Did not come with rigging and needs new blocks, traveler lines, mainsheet, outhaul etc. What is the best place to find parts, new or used. Does not have to be high performance but i do want to start club sailing again. Sail is in good shape but old and could...
  5. gibsailor

    1983 Laser Rainbow deck

    I recently picked up an old laser with a rainbow sail and the same rainbow across the deck. Have not confirmed but i believe it was manufactured in 1983. Was this standard or did someone paint the deck like this?