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    what you guys think about this deal? (im not afraid of reconstructing and fiberglass fixing)

    Hi i got across this craiglist offer: complete laser broken mast step - $150 Needs mast step repaied .,will Include materials to fix. Also has nice wooden rudder and centerboard with the mast, boom and sail as the title says i have done my fair amount of fiberglass/wood fixes (some not pretty...
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    what about restoring "crispness" to old sails

    Hi guys surfing around the internet i found this advice. quote: Mix polyester resin with mentholated spirits (20% metho) This thins out the resin and makes it easier to work. Then work the resin into the sail, one side only needed, with a rag. Try to spread it as much as you can as you don’t...
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    need diameter for tightening nut (old style rudder system)

    Hi guys , as the title says im looking to replace the nut that tightens the old style rudder for a wing nut to make it easier to adjust, instead of always having pliers with me. I store my boat at the lake so i cant do it my self . thxs in advance jose
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    Need advice for replacement or alternative fix for my tiller

    Hi guys the weather conditions this weekend were GREAT!! lots of winds and sunny/warm Well apparently my old old rudder style decided to give up on me in the middle of the lake, literally a full left or right tiller was just to keep the rudder straight!!!! Long story short thanks to fellow club...
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    Theres not such thing as a free boat (scratch) free daggerboard

    Ok a few weeks ago i had the great idea of getting a busted frp daggerboard and restoring it, a very kind fellow member of sunfish forums (yahoo) gave me his. I was happy as a clam (still am) but then i started to buy the restoring supplies and began to realize the $$$$ money and time is very...
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    looking for busted/broken composite daggerboard

    Hi guys as the title says im looking for a cheap composite (frp) sunfish daggerboard, it can be busted but must be "fixable". sailcraft had a very good selection , but unfortunaly i acted too late and lost the only one on my price range. less than 75 shipped. Thxs in advance jose
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    how to fix a cracked rudder

    hi guys i have the old style rudder, and last time i was sailing i notice a play whenever i wanted to steer upon further investigation i notice the attachment of the tiller-rudder was not as tight AND also notice my rudder had a sort of a crack. So im starting the "fix" drilling some holes to...
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    Why not use "Great Stuff" instead of the classsic 2 parts expanding foam??

    Hi guys as many before im in the process of reducing weight of my sunfish (its on a fan diet :p), the foam blocks got a little detached from the hull, NOW the classic advice is getting a 2 parts foam mix some of it and voila!!! (same process as original manufacturer) So my question is why not...
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    Want to buy a practice racing sail; which one is better?

    hi guys I'm in the market for a racing sail and intensity option is very tempting, I want the 3 color one (red ,white and blue) but I'm kinda worry of this one not having the same cut,diameter or cloth quality!! The plain white one every review I read is very good and usually compared with...
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    Sailfish rudder/tiller and daggerboard, recently sanded and recoated

    hi guys I recently got a sunfish and I'm restoring it and always on the look out for "new parts" well a few weeks ago an add for a sunfish rudder and daggerboard pop out on my nearby craiglist. So I got them without realizing they don't fit my sunfish, i still restored the parts and now they...
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    why so many bankruptcies with the Laser/Sunfish enterprise??

    i was just reading a guide for buying used lasers by one of the moderators (BTW thxs for the guide its very good) But omething that always jumps to my attention is so many laser builders went bankrupt!!! same happens with sunfish boats, but WHY?? i mean honestly they should look at the business...
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    Help me identify these parts; may belong to a Sailfish?

    hi guys I recently got a sunfish and I'm restoring it and always on the look out for "new parts" well a few weeks ago an add for a sunfish rudder and daggerboard pop out on my nearby craiglist. So I got them and then realize they don't fit my sunfish , precisely after I began my restoration of...
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    Black Friday sales??? Please tell me intensity sails have one!!!

    Hi guys I'm just wondering if there's any good sales this week? I know west marine it's offering 15% off. But honestly intensity is the store I want more stuff, so if anyone knows any good sales or coupons please let us know here Jose
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    so whos gonna build the 2016 olympics lasers?

    hi guys sorry if this is a dumb question, but after the debacle kirby vs LP, whos gonna build the next lasers/torch whatever for the Brazilian olympics
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    looking for busted/broken composite daggerboard

    hi guys im looking for busted/damaged/borken/etc composite daggerboard, i wanto possibly restore or refurbish and old daggerboard, or at least recreate one in wood. currently i own an old wood one, but want too try whats so good about new one thxs in advancee jose