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    FLORIDA Wanted laser or Melges 14

    I’m a student in south Florida. I’m looking for a laser in good shape for a reasonable price or a melges 14 at the right price. Please inquire within the website. Thanks for reading
  2. ROB12345987373828282728

    Laser repair question

    I’m looking at this laser to buy. It has a mast step repair/deck repair and I’m not familiar with repairs like this. Is this a good quality repair?
  3. ROB12345987373828282728

    FLORIDA Looking for laser in florida

    Looking for a laser in Florida. Send all options. If you have one please tell me in comments and we can try to make a deal
  4. ROB12345987373828282728

    FLORIDA Looking for laser

    Looking for a laser around South Florida. Most likely under 2k but the cheaper the better. Please send all options as I can consider different prices/ conditions. Thanks for reading!