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  1. J

    Weighted centerboard?

    Has anyone modified a centerboard by adding weight? Maybe a dumb question and Maybe the physics won’t work, but the idea crossed my mind. In recent years I’ve been most soloing my 14.2 and I think a little extra stability would be reassuring as I don’t think I could flip it back over alone...
  2. J

    Tiller handle

    How do people keep the tiller handle in the square channel on the rudder? Mine had a screw to keep it from sliding out one way, but not the other. It’s always been loose and I would like to cure that! Thanks in advance!
  3. J

    Stern mast crutch

    I own a 2005 Catalina 14.2, got a killer deal last summer that I couldn't pass up. I currently trailor it to the lake and use the styrofoam block that came with it for the rear mast support. My question is, does anyone have any good DIY pictures to share? Mostly interested in mounting to the...