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  1. Becool44

    TEXAS ISO Gooseneck Adjuster

    My gooseneck adjuster, < 2 years old, rusted out and the bolt broke. Some do-it-yourself Bozo used a Stainfull Steel bolt. Now I can’t find one anywhere, the Usual Suspects don’t have any in stock. Anyone know who might have one, preferably built with proper marine metals?
  2. Becool44

    TEXAS Spars and Race Rudder needed

    Hoping to find a set of spars so I can have a play sail and a racing sail, each on spars. Also looking for a Class-approved fiberglass rudder. Blade-only is fine. Ready to get sailing.
  3. Becool44

    Sunfish Dolly on a Trailer

    Since returning to Sunfish racing after years of keelboats, the biggest change is how we move and launch the boats now. Everyone has dollies, and most racing venues require beach launching. The dolly has become essential. Transporting a dolly along with a boat presents inconvenient challenges...
  4. Becool44

    Foerster Jens rig?

    In a WOW post Bill Brangiforte mentions using a “Forrester Jens” rig in light air: International Sunfish Class Association Anyone tried this, and maybe have pictures? First time I’ve heard of this.
  5. Becool44

    TEXAS Looking for Suunto K-161 Compass

    Suunto stopped selling this model 20 + years ago. Hard to find, but must be a few out there.
  6. Becool44

    TEXAS Need a set of Sunfish spars.

    Nobody wants to ship, so looking for a set in North Texas.