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  1. Jason Rucker

    Laser Racing Videos

    Thought it might be nice to have a thread of racing videos.
  2. Jason Rucker

    SOUTH CAROLINA Laser boom

    I’m looking for a used Laser boom in good shape with the upgraded Harken blocks.
  3. Jason Rucker

    European Funding

    I’m hoping some of the Europeans on this forum can comment on how the sailing game is funded in Europe. I’m NOT looking for a political discussion. I would just like to understand how the funding might relate to Laser class membership and boat sales in Europe.
  4. Jason Rucker

    Local Laser Fleets

    I thought this was a good article highlighting the importance of a vibrant grassroots scene for growing the sport. And by the way, the Laser was the largest fleet at the regatta, and won the overall Governor’s Cup. The good turnout in the Laser fleet was the direct result of tireless promotion...
  5. Jason Rucker

    Laser (1974) Construction Photos

    I’m starting this thread as a database of photographs showing the details of how Lasers are put together. I’ve had the opportunity recently to do some extensive repairs on my older hull and also to take apart several Vanguard hulls. I think the value of having a collection of pictures like this...