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    New cover - whats this flap for?

    Hi All I got a new boat this week and have put on a UK cover. Any ideas what the flap on the back is for? Is it just for the top section to hang out the back if you wrap the sail around the mast etc? Cheers!
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    Can I get a metal engineer to make me a dolly?

    Hi All Struggling to find a stacking strolley in NZ as the local stops have said they cant get a local builder to do it. They are only offering ones now with a large gunwale support or foam underneath. I quite like the UK designed ones, similar to this...
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    Checked luggage for foils

    Hi all heading across the other side of the world and shipping some stuff but thinking about taking my new centreboard as checked luggage for a number of reasons (safety, impatience, customs thinking I am importing goods). i have kept it in its box from LP which has polystyrene on each end but...
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    Practic trolley - replacement parts

    Hi All I have a dolly which is made by Practic but I believe it to be an older model. The front bow holder is very old and wont sit on a straight angle so I am wanting to replace it. I see some newer models here: TRD Practic Laser trolley set-up Does anyone know of any European stockists...
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    ILCA vs

    Hi All! Well, I have always sailed Lasers but have been 'out of the loop' for a year and am blown away whilst looking at new gear. Havnt had to do it for awhile so am stumped. I have tried to research this but still have some concerns, which I might have the right answer for already, but want...
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    Laser road trailer - What's the perfect setup?

    Hi For awhile now I have wanted to design and make a road trailer that is "perfect". Perfect being: - Easy to load myself - Ability to load 2 lasers (future task, building a second level). - Protection from rocks/stones flicking up from the car. I have managed to source a trailer similar to...
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    Laser boat database - potential project

    Hi Don't know about you lot but I get curious about all the different Lasers and where/what/how they are sailing. I also want to keep track of where my boat has gone after I have sold it and vice-versa for new ones. I have some time on my hands at the moment and was wondering if it would be...
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    Carbon filler - pin hole worn through

    Hi I have been given a few carbon tillers over time and each one has had the pin holes worn through so the tiller becomes loose. I am back into sailing now and am wanting to use one. I have tried contacting some of the carbon places in Auckland but with no luck on a response yet, was hoping...