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    Vang question

    Can anyone explain how to remove one purchase from the harken vang? I'm just not exactly sure where that's coming off. Also, has anyone used the Harken "dingy vang" which looks similar to the Laser upgrade 15:1 but comes 12:1 out of the box. Thanks.
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    Deck cleat opinions

    Anyone have a strong preference for the harken, Allen or nautos deck cam cleat products? The first two just look so different (at least on surface), I have to imagine they behave a little differently. Big difference in price anyway. Thanks.
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    Outhaul question (legality)

    Is it allowable to use a block attached to the eye at the end of the boom (instead of using the eye itself as a turning point). Seems like it would be preferable to not have a bowline (or other knot) plus a moving line both jammed in that small space and rubbing together during adjustments. Or...
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    Laser foiling

    I’ve seen some videos online and it looks amazing. Looks to be a couple of companies who make the fittings but hard to tell where to get them or how much they cost. Does anyone have any experience with this or know how to get more info?
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    Cunningham question

    What’s the advantage of attaching the Cunningham primary to the vang area and running it up to the tack as opposed to using the gooseneck or the gooseneck hole for tying off? Would have fewer lines and bowlines crowding up the vang area and the primary wouldn’t get pinched in the gooseneck (as...
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    Main sheet block upgrade?

    Is a mainsheet ratchet block upgrade (over the old manual ratchet red Ronstan with the black sheave, working fine btw) a worthy use of $100, and if so, do people like the Harken, Allen or Ronstan? And is auto ratchet far superior to manual? Just trying to understand expected performance...
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    Asking for mainsheet opinions

    I know this is a question that's come up periodically (i've read several archived posts) but thought it was worth asking more specifically: I've been using an 8mm Robline dinghy XL for the last several years, and while I like the line itself, it has just started to seem too thick and heavy for...
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    Asking advice on Laser upgrade

    Hi, I have a 2005 Laser that I beach sail in cape cod (about 20 times per summer for the past 10 years). It has all the original equipment, including the sail and spars (all in pretty good shape, though the spars showing some corrosion in places e.g. gooseneck). I don't race it, and don't...