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    1982 Forward Hatch

    Yes. Please email me WFinnHadlock at gmail
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    1982 Forward Hatch

    Feel free to email me WFinnHadlock at gmail
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    1982 Forward Hatch

    Here are the photos
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    Wanted: Step Box

    Looking for a waterline step box to replace my cooler.
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    Parting out Yellow 1979 J/24

    How much for the spreader bar?
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    Wanted: Shrouds w/ Turnbuckles and backstay

    Looking to upgrade. New or slightly used.
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    1980 Laser Full Rig

    Ready to race. Includes Racing sail (Used a total of 10 days), practice sail, hull cover, blade bag, vang and outhall upgrade, spar holder, and dolly with jumbo wheels. Hull is in great condition. 3000 OBO. Will send pictures if requested.