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    Fees old and new

    There was some talk some time ago about the different fees, sail buttons etc. Now that ILCA released a couple of "financial" articles, might as well list the actual numbers here (emphases mostly mine): Membership fees – ... For the last few years this had been US$10.34 per member but for 2020...
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    New builders

    Now that World Sailing has finally okayed the Olympic status, it's (finally) time for the next step: ILCA now accepting new builder applications Some interesting points : "The ILCA Class Rules now allow builders and suppliers to manufacture and sell class-legal equipment under alternative...
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    Welcome to the ILCA Dinghy class!

    No Gamma. Just "ILCA". (Thanks to JPKI for the nod ;) ) _
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    470 Olympic status: going mixed

    World Sailing has its annual meeting this week in Florida, and this is what Council decided yesterday: 2018 Annual Conference - 2 November Recap The way I read this is that the mixed double-handed event, already introduced at the mid-year meeting, is now being tailored to the 470, without any...
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    Olympic status

    Ok, it's happening now. The Laser is at risk, at least theoretically, of losing its Olympic status to one of three other singlehanders - D-Zero, Melges 14, or RS Aero. World Sailing announcement: Four boats shortlisted following World Sailing Olympic Re-evaluation process ILCA's first...
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    SWC Miami 2018

    Sailing World Cup medal races 28 January in Miami: Standard start scheduled for 12:15, Radial 13:05 local time (UTC-5) Live video on Youtube: World Sailing TV In the Standards, Tom Burton has already won, and five other sailors are within reach of the other medals. 2018 World Cup Series |...
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    Xmas Lasers - questionable marketing

    Interesting (to put it mildly) offer from the official UK dealer for LP: Check out some of the "Details"... > Lighter weight hull > Optimum mast rake - decided by the top sailors > Selden spars What is going on? Is this a joke...