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  1. Dickhogg

    Turtle Prevention

    I'd still go with an old milk jug.
  2. Dickhogg

    Nautical Name for New Skippers

    I enjoyed this lovely film. Thanks for sharing. Do you not call your bow-line a 'painter' in the states?
  3. Dickhogg

    updates on the "modern" Sunfish sail

    These sails sound really cool, ...but I'm not sure I could put a diferent sail on my fish, just because the original sunfish sail is so beautiful and iconic.
  4. Dickhogg

    There is a kid posting Sunfish videos on YouTube

    Its how I do it too. Although I didn't know it was called that. Mine dont tend to be that neat as I am normally doing it in the back of a fast-moving rib after taking up all the marks after a days racing.
  5. Dickhogg

    There is a kid posting Sunfish videos on YouTube

    I like how he flakes his lines.
  6. Dickhogg

    There is a kid posting Sunfish videos on YouTube

    Click on the word Youtube near bottom right to watch it on the YT website rather than embedded here. Then you should see a big red SUBSCRIBE button just below ant to the left of the film.
  7. Dickhogg

    If a higher sail generates more power, then...

    A thing I love about the sunfish is that you can change the boom height like this. I have never sailed anything else where you can.
  8. Dickhogg

    Boat Pics

    Where I sail we solo launch off a beach, often into breaking waves. This involves the boat being on the gravel and then running it into the sea and jumping on, a bit like a bobsleigh we do pick up a few scratches. But it's kind of fun :^D. I can give more details if you like.
  9. Dickhogg

    Boat Pics

    I like this thread. I didn't take it but here is the last pic of my boat.
  10. Dickhogg

    mainsheet gets caught on corner

    Ease the sheet a little when you tack, but not fully. A foot or so should do it.
  11. Dickhogg

    mainsheet gets caught on corner

    And if it does get caught you can flick it off with the end of your tiller extension.
  12. Dickhogg

    Just some sailing pics from the Netherlands

    I sailed yesterday too, on the english channel. I bet we had similar conditions. Also similar hats!
  13. Dickhogg

    Breaking auto-bailer during beach launch?

    I launch off a shingle beach where it is impossible for the bailer to not get a lot of stick. I have lost the pins (And ball) and also completely smashed one bailer. One option for replacing the pins that I discovered is to use a zip tie like this:
  14. Dickhogg

    “New style” Sunfish have now been made longer than “old style”

    When I read the title I thought it was going to be LP about them a foot longer or something. :^)
  15. Dickhogg

    The Wooden Sunfish Owners Manual

    This thread is awesome. I would love to build a wooden sunfish one day.
  16. Dickhogg

    Mast snapped - can I use conduit?

    I looked into it when my mast snapped a while back. I could find ally tube that matched the spec but it wasn't anodised so I gave LP a load of money instead.
  17. Dickhogg

    No such thing as a free boat...

    We have the same sail colour!
  18. Dickhogg

    Mainsheet block

    There is only one thing better than a zip tie. A reusable zip tie.
  19. Dickhogg

    Float Panel

    There has been a recent thread on this. Turtle Prevention
  20. Dickhogg

    Laser mast on a sunfish?

    Reviving this thread on the request of Norcalsail I realised I never reported back on my new mast. They came back into stock at LPUK so I bought a new one. As for what happened, I just think the mast failed because it was old and pitted. It was a windy day, I launched and within about 30...