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    Mast Corrosion Repair

    Agreed that welding aluminum can weaken it.
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    Sunfish bridal or traveler or ???

    is this you and your wife then? ;)
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    Sunfish bridal or traveler or ???

    your style with the center loop is the old style. the new style is technically better as it allows the mainsheet to slide more freely. unless you're having issues with it, I'd just leave the current setup as is and just go sailing.
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    The Final Hurdle - Boat Trailer

    I took a boat trailer just like that one and built a storage box and A-frame so I can carry two Sunfish type boats.
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    Nautical Name for New Skippers

    I often call the lower boom a head-knocker.
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    Getting Ready to Refinish the Daggerboard, Tiller and Rudderblade - Tips?

    Looks great to me! You won't see any blemishes while you're sailing anyway, so get out on the water and have fun!
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    Scorpion sailboat

    did you try to unscrew the top of the bailer? loosen/unscrew the cap and it should then drain.
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    Mast cup issue

    This video explains it quite well:
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    Dressing up spar, boom and mast.

    Our Mini has the same sail. (that pic is a couple years old, the barn is now painted green w/ white trim).
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    Regattas 2021??

    Man, that's a solid 8-hr drive from SE Michigan... but on the other hand, I could take a slight detour en route and sail my Sunfish on Lake Ontario - crossing that final Great Lake off my list....
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    Has anyone ever "wrapped" a sunfish?

    Some camouflage would’ve looked great on this “creation” (not mine). Not sure you can tell it was a Sunfish hull... but it was!
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    Mainsheet length

    See this post from the other day - recommends 30 to 35 feet for the mainsheet.
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    Where to put inspection ports in a Minifish

    I put one left of center, slightly behind the splash guard. There is a foam block there. Made it really easy to install a ratchet block and cam cleat there too.
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    Original brass deck drain.

    If you can’t find it in the classifieds on this forum, just get the plastic version.
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    Unique Sunfish mast/sail setup?

    the tiller and sail definitely look just like the Catalina 12.5, but without the curved boom. it seems someone picked up this find for $75 or less, maybe it all somehow works as a unit? or maybe (more likely?) the seller just threw a bunch of parts together hoping to get rid of them as a...
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    Unique Sunfish mast/sail setup?

    That is all that is shown for the FB ad.
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    Unique Sunfish mast/sail setup?

    not sure - I'm wondering if that extra boom laying there is for the foot of the sail?
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    Unique Sunfish mast/sail setup?

    what kind of sail setup is this? found on FB marketplace. (only $75 for the boat and sail....)
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    Considering the purchase of a 1992 Sunfish

    Woodwind - your "SLI" hull id number means it should be Sunfish-Laser. my guess is the stickers were leftover after SLI bought the company, and they cut out the text showing "Pearson".
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    Got it Home...Now in the "What Did I Get Myself Into" Phase

    That sail looks like an upside down version of the Newport sail color.