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    Unique Sunfish mast/sail setup?

    what kind of sail setup is this? found on FB marketplace. (only $75 for the boat and sail....)
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    red bull gives you[r Sunfish] wings

    I posted this on my blog - I found a guy on Instagram that is attempting to make a wing foil of sorts that can be used with your Sunfish (seems like it had limited success). sure seems to be a lot of tinkering going on lately (new Farrar sails, new Aerosouth rudders, new LP sails, etc)...
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    LP making a "new" Sunfish sail

    well, it sure looks exactly the same, other than maybe a few extra reinforcing panels. Lee Montes gives a sneak preview of the New Sail In Development by Sunfish Manufacturer, Laser Performance. Lee interviews International Sunfish Class President, Rich Chapman and finds out his role on the...
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    updates on the "modern" Sunfish sail

    here is some updated information on the new “modern" Sunfish sails that are being used by the Sunfish sailors on Sag Harbor. the sails are designed by a member of the Sag Harbor Sunfish sailing fleet, along with Kevin Farrar from Farrar Sails in New London, Connecticut. all photos and the...
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    LaserPerformance/LPE strikes out in court

    Can't imagine this is going to help out any with the supply chain for getting Sunfish supplies from LP.
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    Goodbye Sun/Mini-fish, hello Rocket?

    just saw this online - a new offering from Fulcrum Speedworks in Rhode Island - the "Rocket".
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    help ID a wooden 'Fish in Australia

    A reader of my Sunfish sailing blog reached out for help with identifying a wooden 'Fish he's got in Australia. What do you think it could be?
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    MICHIGAN Minifish in mid-Michigan (not mine)

    Not mine... just saw the post on Craigslist and know there has been a lot of Minifish interest on here lately.
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    Mainsheet snap clip

    I was looking at one of my old blog posts and found this great picture - a screen grab from my GoPro video - of when the snap hook at the end of my mainsheet came loose from the traveler and went flying! Lesson: always double check your knots and rigging before getting out on the water!
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    Minifish inside backing blocks

    Had a reader (thanks Andrew!) of my Sunfish sailing blog reach out to me about mainsheet ratchet block mounting options for a Minifish, particularly wanting to know if it could be done without cutting in an inspection port. I stuck my cell phone into the port I had cut on my Minifish to see...
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    Mainsheet block

    I got a new mainsheet block for my Sunfish (moved the Harken 2135 over to our Minifish). It’s a 60mm (selectable) ratcheting block from Allen Sailing, with the “wave” sheave, supposed to have even better grip to help when holding the mainsheet. Hope to test it on the water soon. Used zip ties to...
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    APS going out of business sale (30% off all)

    Wow, APS recently switched to apparel only (I wasn't thrilled with that decision) and now with COVID-19 issues, they're going to close up shop entirely. It's a shame, but does give you the chance to grab any sailing apparel you might be looking for anyway - and now at 30% off...
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    small sailboat pictogram quiz

    I posted this picture on my Sunfish sailing blog a couple days ago - I found it via Twitter from the Shoreham Sailing Club. curious if anyone here on the Sunfish Forum with all your collective small boat knowledge can get them all? I think I've figured out 17 out of the 21, but am struggling...
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    Sunfish production has begun in the UK

    photos shared by Laser Performance yesterday on Twitter and Instagram (probably Facebook too, but I don't use that one). not sure of the significance – but no sign of the foam flotation blocks. are they being phased out? or just by chance not shown in any of these selected photos?
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    Laser Performance building in Portugal

    Via various social media outlets, LP posted pictures of new sailboat manufacturing going on in Portugal.
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    Sunfish Bible on sale at APS (40% off)

    with APS making the switch out of Sunfish (and other sailboat) supplies and going to apparel only, they have a small amount of inventory left and are offering it at 40% off. Book: The Sunfish Bible You can pick up a copy of the Sunfish Bible for $18.
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    Laser Class removes LaserPerformance as approved builder

    wow, big shake up in the Laser world.
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    (sunfish sailor) Peter Stanton Named Virgin Islands Sailor of the Year
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    ins & outs of ratchet blocks

    this is a really cool video by Harken that visually shows the effect of a ratchet block and how it reduces the load to your hands when holding and easing the mainsheet.
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    Strange goings-on in the Sunfish class

    a thread started over in the Laser Forum: Strange goings-on in the Sunfish class | apparently a big shakeup between the Sunfish Class (ISCA) and Laser Performance - with LP now starting control of their own version of the Sunfish Class (ISCO?).