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    Vendor for Sail Track?

    I meant to say 29/64th inside diameter. Bill
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    Vendor for Sail Track?

    The sail track on my mast for my AMF Flying Fish is old and cracking. I have been searching the internet for suppliers of plastic sail track and can't seem to find any that make what I need. My current track is 29/64ths diameter with a round contour for the rope in the edge of the sail to slide...
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    Who Out There Has an AMF Flying Fish?

    New to the forum. I've had an AMF Flying Fish for 16 years. Who else has a Flying Fish?
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    Flying Fish Photos

    Pretty boat. They sail well. Mine is a lot rougher than yours, but gets a lot of use. My sail has the wrong emblem.
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    AMF Flying fish- Looking for Info.........

    Anyone else out there with an AMF Flying Fish? I've got one and would be interested in forming some sort of forum.
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    AMF Flying Fish

    Did you ever get a mast? I have an AMF Flying Fish and could give you measurements. I also work in the composites industry and could tell you how to make one.
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    need Flying Fish instruction manual

    Did you ever get a manual? I don't have one, but could give you pix on how to rig the boat.
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    Flying Fish

    I have an AMF Flying Fish out here in California. I've had it for 16 years. Very enjoyable. Fast to rig, easy to teach sailing in. Fun sailing. I would be interested in starting some sort of Flying Fish forum on Yahoo groups or something. I wonder how many still survive? Mine is white with blue...