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    Laser Road Base UK

    Hi, I'm struggling to find a new road base in the UK. Preferably not the wide one (as they are just too wide). Does anyone have any links as I'm struggling to find anything? Thanks,
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    Moth or Musto Skiff

    Hi all, I have a laser but i'm looking to get one of the above as well. I will keep the laser for sure! Just wondered is anyone knows what is the easier boat to get to grips with. Taking money out of it completely here.....Laser sailors seems to transition reasonably well into moths but I...
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    2008 Olympic Medal Races

    Hi, Does anyone know where the medal races for 2008 are online? The Finn race was excellent to watch but I can't see it anywhere. Laser race was pretty light from memory. Cheers
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    Old v new upper Mast

    Hi all, What are the advantages of the new mast? Presumably it doesn't bend as easily but is it any faster? Cheers
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    Ideal Weight

    Hi all, Do you think the ideal weight has moved up with the new Mark 2 sail? I've heard some people say you need to be heavier than the standard go to weight of 80kg. Thoughts?
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    Mark II Summary

    I've sailed this for a while now and my conclusions are: Below 8 knots: it is slower than Mark I 8-12 knots: it is the same as mark I 12 knots +: it is faster that mark I Keeping it simple that's where I think it pitches but would love any other feedback....
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    Hi!!! As a benchmark can anybody tell me how many hours a week the top guys are on the water for? Also how much land traning do they do and what does it entail? Also, any benchmarks like how fast can they row 2k or cycle 20k etc. would be a massive help. Thanks a lot, kenny keeno
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    fitness and laser sailing

    hi all, it's been a while since i posted on here. Someone here told me that Scheidt was supremely fit because he wanted to concentrate solely on boat speed and not have to worry how his body was hurting. This season was the fittest I have been and it has made such a massive difference. I am...
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    Laser Europeans

    Hi All, Does anyone know the qualification criteria for the Standard Europeans? How many GBR boats are generally considered? Has anyone qualified for an event of this magnitude? I have a full time job and am 21 with a full time's difficlt to find the time but am keen to use...
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    rooster tactics dvd

    has anyone bought these? any good?
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    new sail bigger than previous

    Hi, I got a new sail today and when laying it out on top of the old one to stick the numbers on, I realised it is slightly wider and longer than the old one. We had three of us on it and this definitely appears to be the case! Has anyone else had this before? I'm guessing it's a good thing!
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    Wet and Dry or Sandpaper

    Hi, Is it best to use wet and dry or sandpaper for my trailing edges on my foils? I believe it is best to start with 800 and finish with 1200? cheers
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    Carbon Tiller Cracking

    Hi Everyone, My carbon tiller, as supplied by laser has been cracking on each side, has anyone else experienced this? I have put fibreglass over as a temporary repair but guess I will have to save for a Rooster one instead! Happy lasering
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    Hi again, Just wondering if any of you have noticed a change in your mentaility changing your performances. I used to turn up to races / events thinking 'it will be good to get the experience' and finish at the back whereas now I go and think 'I can win this' and have noticed a major...
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    leeward mark with gybe

    Hi All. When the winds are up and I come to a leeward mark that needs a gybe to head back up wind I am losing a lot of ground. I am fine with the gybe but often end up luffing for a while and take too long to get block to block. What do you all do to round effectively and head upwind as quick...
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    mainsheet tangling

    Hi everyone, Has anyone got some tips for preventing the main tangling when you reach the windward mark. I always stretch the sheet out - it is the sheet that comes with the GXD pack (red with white specks). I'm sure the problem originates at leeward mark and when upwind and inadvertently...
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    spray top

    hi all, I'm searching for a spray top and just wondering what ppl go for? I do a few events so would like a pocket in it - what has worked well for you guys and girls? thanks
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    light winds mainsheet

    what is the benefit of having a lighter mainsheet eg. 6mm rooster polilite? sorry to sound amateur
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    Michael Blackburn - Sail Fitter

    Hi, I can't seem to find a review on here so sorry if it has already been posted. I'm keen to get fitter in a cardio sense for my laser sailing and was just wondering of people's opinions of this book? thanks
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    what to wear in winter????

    Hi, I know its a way off but im just wondering what everyone wears in the winter (im a uk sailor). I usually wear hikers underneath a dry suit but find the dry suit quite restrictive for movement...any ideas??