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  1. AWoLnik

    Great-Condition Laser Radial Sail (North)

    Dropping price to $350 OBO!
  2. AWoLnik

    CONNECTICUT Laser Full Rig/ILCA 7 186501

    Selling my 2006 Vanguard Laser, sail number 186501. Originally belonged to a junior sailing program in Greenwich, CT. I purchased the boat in 2012 and updated all of the rigging and fittings and had the hull professionally wet sanded. I also purchased a brand new rudder in 2016, and acquired a...
  3. AWoLnik

    CONNECTICUT Great-Condition Laser Radial Sail (North)

    Very crisp North Sails Radial sail for sale. I bought it new in 2014 for the 2014 Radial Youth World Championships, and sailed that event on it, as well as a district championship afterwards. I moved up to full rigs immediately after that event, so it only saw two regattas. It's been carefully...
  4. AWoLnik

    AQUATA hiking pants

    Oh, I'm 6'2"...
  5. AWoLnik

    AQUATA hiking pants

    What size are they
  6. AWoLnik

    Laser 4.7 Sail & Mast for Sale

    Is this still available?
  7. AWoLnik

    Decent Quality Radial Sail and Lower Mast Wanted

    I'm looking a for a good quality Laser Radial Sail and lower mast. It should be good/new enough to be an adept district racer, but doesn't have to be brand new. I'm in central PA and will pick up anywhere mid-Atlantic; from Virginia to Connecticut. I can also pay for shipping if it is out of my...
  8. AWoLnik

    WTB: Lower Radial Mast Section and Sail

    Are those still available?