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    Easter Laser Regatta vs Kung Flu

    Rather than join in the blanket cancellations at this time, I am taking advantage of the flexibility available to our rather simple and well organized event. As no one can currently plan anything else on April 11-12 and no one would be driving cross country to attend, we can decide as late...
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    Boat supply Open Letter

    Let me put on my hat as a past District Secretary, past North American Vice President, past certified Class Measurer, past Fleet Captain, past builder of similar one design dinghies, current sailboat repair business owner, for 37 consecutive years the host of the Easter Laser Regatta, the last...
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    Huge North American Celebration

    Laser Sailors from across America are gathering to celebrate the resurrection of Laser sailing with our new supportive and enthusiastic builder. No need to wait and see who it is!! The party is already scheduled. Come gather in the center of the warm part of North America!! Ding dong the...
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    Easter Laser Regatta

    35th EASTER LASER REGATTA March 31-April 1, 2018 The Austin Yacht Club, Laser Fleet #22, Schroth Fiberglass, and the Easter Bunny Himself are the proud sponsors of this event . (This is the 35th event and 34 years since the birth of the event) The race will be governed by the Racing Rules...
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    Easter in Austin

    This is the week. Lake Travis is full for the first time in many years Registration is at 8:30 in the clubhouse Let's make the 33rd Annual Easter Laser Regatta a ton of fun Actually we already know it will be fabulous. The only question is whether we can help you avoid the personal pain of...
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    It's Faust's Birthday!!!

    Yessir. Golden Spike day. and Eric Faust's Birthday are one in the same...although the golden spike was driven a tad longer ago than our general manager was born...But the percentage of difference keeps shrinking and shrinking and shrinking.. He may still only be a master but he's halfway to...
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    Sunfish Builder In USA???

    Is the Rhode Island Plant still building Sunfish?? Did LP move production to somewhere else? In the USA?? Elsewhere?? Anybody know anything??
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    Easter Laser Regatta!!!!!

    Registrations are running well ahead of other recent years. The confusion about who is building boats and supplying parts is frightening us all. There is only ONE rational solution. Come race your boat before it wears out!!! Ravi bagged bunnies last year.
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    A Friday tribute to Jan Gougeon

    My plan is to mix up a batch of GOOOOGE at 7 pm Eastern US Time on Friday and stir it until it hardens. Please join in wherever you are. West Epoxy has mightily changed our sailing game, even for those of us with polyester boats. Here is a link to a story about Jan Gougeon>>>...
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    RIP Jan Gougeon..tribute

    My plan is to mix up a batch of GOOOge at 7 PM Friday eastern US Time. If you have a stash of West Epoxy, you already know why he deserves the memorial by sailors everywhere. click on article below>>>
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    Just read the whole ad....
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    TONIGHT 6 PM..Drinks are on the RC Boat

    This is the last Austin Wednedsay for 2012. Wednesdays without laser races may as well be suckwad work days with no relief. be there. Alfonso and I just put a giant cooler of ice, beer, soft drinks, and water on the committee boat
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    10 Year Anniversary Review: How Did That Go For Lasering??

    Midnight July 31, 2002 The Laser Class officers decided to hire anybody else but the guy who was running its office, organizing its scheduling, traveling to 25 events per year to help locals on and off the water, and publishing its newsletters. The current office manager had taken over on...
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    Lasers that score correctly when dumped

    In another forum a guy mentioned owning 69069...which does not but it got me thinking and wasting way too m uch time... Here is the beginning of a list. it is sorta like a 'find the highest prime number" test. Is 199661 going to be the very last one for a very long time/? 1, 11, 69. 101...
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    Bytes For Youth?? Again?? Real?

    We printed this article in a Laser sailor a few years ago and it seems it is time to remind people aboput the boat that is just the right size for juniors versus radials and 4.7 rigs. Save Our Youth Sailors Here at the Laser class office we are concerned about our youth sailors. Their highly...
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    Making A 100 Boat Regatta Happen

    On May 1 we have our first local evening races of the season and dinner after. On that night I plan to make a proposal to our local fleet that we host something big , probbaly for masters, the weekend after Easter next year. The 2013 Easter Laser Regatta will be the thirtieth annual and I...
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    Whole Lotta Lasers On The Water In Austin

    Actually , it was pretty darned suprising today. At one time there were over twenty boats out sailing around. Usually only six to ten folks actually rig and sail on Friday. I called the sandwich shop and increased the order and asked Sally to shop on the way home from school to double the...
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    Gazillions Of Lasers Headed To Austin

    Highways inbound toward Lake Travis are already crowded with passenger busses and vans. The Airport and rail stations are begfinning to clog up and dozens of fully loaded semis are bringing Lasers to lake Travis for the Easter Laser Regatta. There is well over 100 miles of shoreline so space...
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    Spring Organizational Issues

    We need a nice positive thread. This month is that month when you really need to call a bunch of people with whom you regularly sail every summer and invite them to meet at some restaurant for a planning session. Set up some plans for teh home sailing place and maybe even set up plans to hit...