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  1. Breeze Bender

    Help with a Mystery Clone

    I’m pretty excited about my first find of the season. It sat in a barn loft in Massachusetts for the last 32 years and it’s dusty but dry. But what is it? There is no HIN on the stern or anywhere else (so it’s pre-‘72) No insignia on the lateen-rigged sail. No markings of identification...
  2. Breeze Bender

    New Cockpit Drain Plug

    My brother gave me the best gift. He made this from ‘scrap they cut off a valve’ at work. It is a perfect fit for the cockpit drain. I told him to save all those scraps!
  3. Breeze Bender

    Classic Ads

    I’ve seen a few vintage Sunfish and Sailfish ads. Here’s one I hadn’t seen before- not for the boat but for Tampax! From one female sailor to all the others out there! Got an ad to share in this thread?
  4. Breeze Bender

    End of the Season?

    My friend wants to go frostbiting this winter, but after yesterday’s first snow I’m not feeling so enthusiastic. It was pretty, but too damn cold! I think it’s the end of the season :(
  5. Breeze Bender

    Before and After Pics

    This is my latest Sunfish. Oregongirl inspired me to clean it up before tucking it in for the winter. I’ve always been partial to the blue deck. This one polished up nicely with some elbow grease. Wet dry (1500), with warm, soapy water, then rubbing compound, then 3M wax and restorer. I...
  6. Breeze Bender

    New Fish in the Fleet

    Well, new to me. This Sunfish has been around since 1965, by my estimation. It was the first year the forward deck stripe was offered as an option. It has the halyard block, replaced by the plastic fairlead in ‘66. It’s a beach banger, for sure, but it was sitting high and dry in the water...
  7. Breeze Bender

    Wooden Super Sailfish Restore

    I wanted to sand the painted top of this old Super Sailfish down to the wood and finish it bright, but as I sanded I noticed no grain in the wood. On closer inspection along the seam I see the entire top is well covered with what seems like a thin hard cardboard? See close-up photo. Anyone...
  8. Breeze Bender


    I bought a Sunfish that came with this very cool dolly. A small stamped label revealed a patent number. Here’s to Donald S. Wild with his invention of the ONEMAN TRANSPORTATION OF SMALL BOATS. The patent was granted in 1969. Described as “ A device for use at the stern of a small...
  9. Breeze Bender

    Sail ID?

    I just picked up this sail. It needs a couple of patches (baby fish ;) ) but is otherwise in excellent shape. I’m curious about it because of the US prefix to the sail number (followed by 5294) and that the letters and numbers are stitched in. It has a nice window. No sailmaker or other...
  10. Breeze Bender

    Holy Sail

    I bought this old sail from Alan Glos a couple of months back. For $15 I wasn’t expecting much, as he said in the description that there were about 20 tiny holes. Now those holes are covered with mini Sunfish! It’s still a 50 year old sail, soft as butter, and with a few other patches...
  11. Breeze Bender

    Restoring a Split Rudder

    This rudder was given to me a while back in sad shape. I’ve had it hanging on the garage wall. Someone tried to repair the split by screwing a tiller strap to each side. I was going to just take the metal cheek and the straps (a bonus, since new straps are listed at an insane $69.65/pair)...
  12. Breeze Bender

    Old Boat, New Sail

    This 1970 Sunfish is a bit of a beach banger, but it is light and dry and complete. I bought a new sail for it from Intensity and added the Sunfish logo to each side. A crisp new sail with a clear window sure dresses up a boat! Winding down my season of flipping, I just listed this one. It...
  13. Breeze Bender

    Craigslist Ad

    Hey Cactus Cowboy, if this guy wasn’t in Delaware I’d guess that this listing was yours! You’ve got the same sense of humor and writing style. I got a kick out of this craigslist post:
  14. Breeze Bender

    Ratsey & Lapthorn

    I just bought a brand new in unopened bag Ratsey & Lapthorn sail, vintage 1968. It is blue and white. I’ve never before seen one new in package. The only problem is I don’t want to open it! I want to keep it in a hermetically sealed bag, away from sunlight and protect it forevermore! Then...
  15. Breeze Bender

    New Project Sunfish, 1970

    I really wasn’t looking for another project, but the price was right and she’s light and dry. A little TLC and this 1970 boat will be back on the water. It looks like this Sunny has seen a lot!
  16. Breeze Bender

    Mast/Spars/Sail Storage Tube

    The search feature isn’t helping me on this one. I’ve got 3 Sunfish at my cottage, but no garage or shed for storing the rigging. They are kept behind the couch, which is not ideal. I’d like to store them outdoors in the 8” diameter PVC tubing, I think I’ll need 14’ length, with a cap on...
  17. Breeze Bender

    Old Trailers with Old Boats

    I’ve grown to appreciate a classic boat trailer, especially with a classic boat on it. Last year I restored an old Gator. This recent find had the right look, and after a little sanding I was rewarded with the fender labels- an old TeeNee. The trailer was painted gray, but beneath it the...
  18. Breeze Bender

    Nice feature on an old Sailfish

    This old woody has been in line in the garage and bumped many times by the latest boat to turn my head. I've never seen one with the heavy webbing attached to the rails. It creates a perfect toe hold. The Sailfish is a great abdominal workout- TotalGym and a lot more fun. This one should be...
  19. Breeze Bender

    Sail insignia ID

    I picked up this sail and spars cheap with a Sunfish rudder and daggerboard. It’s 75sf like a Sunfish sail but I’m curious as to what kind of clone it came from. The seller had no knowledge of it. The insignia usually gives it away but I don’t recognize this one. Any ideas?
  20. Breeze Bender

    Tucking In

    It’s always a challenge trying to fit my boat collection indoors for the winter months. This past spring I got a beautiful West Wight Potter 15. (*Another great yahoo site that will be gone next week) If my garage was an inch shorter it wouldn’t fit. I’ve got a Sunfish and a Sailfish in...