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  1. opT

    CANADA 2015 Laser for sale

    Laser full rig raced by Canadian National Team member in 2015, 2016 seasons. Sailed less than 20 days since 2017 and stored indoors in Toronto. Hull recently professionally serviced and is in excellent condition. Sold with fully upgraded lines and systems. - 2 lower sections, 2 booms, 2 top...
  2. opT

    VIDEO: Olympic Campaign Promo

    I know you all probably like Laser sailing so I thought I'd share the short video I made for my Make A Champ funding page. It includes some coach boat and go pro footage from a recent training camp in Sydney, Australia. There is one soon to be 2016 Olympian and three other hopefuls (including...
  3. opT

    Laser Hyde Sail

    I have several sails available ranging from $150 - $300. Days used range from 20 - 60. The lower quality sails are great for weeknight racing or cottage sailing, and the newer ones are great as a quality training sail or for competition. Battens are not included. Please email...
  4. opT

    Ridges + Ribbing in Gel Coat. IDEAS?

    I got a problem with my 2014 Laser involving visible deformations in the hull. It seems to have gotten worse or more visible months after purchasing it. I am not entirely sure creation of these deformities has stopped either. I noticed I had some bumps and ridges along my hull in the aft...
  5. opT

    Nexus 103R Compass + Tackleshack Mounting Plate

    Very good condition compass, purchased in October 2013. Has been a dream to sail with especially in oscillating breeze - what I have learned are 'compass conditions'. Selling because I am upgrading to a carbon-made compass - but this compass is perfect for anywhere from weekend to national level...
  6. opT

    2009 Laser Full Rig Boat for Sale - Upgraded and Race Ready - $4900

    I am selling a 2009 full rig Laser in good condition. There are only a few bumps and nicks from regular use. The boat is a 2009 but was unused until late 2010 until it was finally sailed. I am selling the boat with loads of upgraded kit you won’t find on other boats because I have set my boat up...
  7. opT

    ONTARIO - 2007 Laser for Sale

    Attached is a .PDF with boat details and a picture. Here they are in text: 2007 Laser Full Rig – Hull 187731 1st Place Laser CORK – 2010 1st Place Laser US National Championships – 2010 100% race-ready and available for pickup or delivery mid-June Includes: -Laser mast...
  8. opT

    before the start...

    in conditions with enough waves to cause water to enter the boat upwind/downwind and enough wind for water to flow out of your boat through the autobailer, and in winds where it is dangerous or slow to reach for your autobailer stopper (name?). ok, lets just say 15 knots+ and get to the point...
  9. opT

    carbon fibre tiller+tiller extension wanted

    Will buy used
  10. opT

    sounds like what a whale would sound like..

    Whenever I go downwind/reach in any reasonable wind (10+) my boat makes a considerable noise from humming or vibrating. I've never had a boat that does this almost all the time. It's a newish boat bought from the world champs. Is this normal? Is something out of line? AM I CRAZY?