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    Full Rig Laser

    Good Evening, Is the boat still for sale? Could you send some photos? Is the boat race ready? Thank You
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    Everything but the hull

    Good Evening, I am still interested if this is available? Thank You
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    LASER 196181 2009 with Full and Radial rigs

    Good Evening I a looking for a laser for my son to race. Is the boat still available? Do you have a trailer?
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    2005 Laser For Sale

    Please contact me if the sale does not go thru.
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    Everything but the hull

    Is the sail for a Full Rig or a Radial Rig? I would take all.
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    MICHIGAN Wanted: LASER; Full or Radial Rig

    Looking for a full rig or radial laser to race. Will travel for the right price, boat, and gear.
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    2015 Laser for sale

    Good Morning, is there a trailer available for the boat?