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    Seitech Sunfish dolly

    What the seller is saying here is "I'm not willing to disassemble it until you've committed to buy it. And I don't care to weigh the dolly or measure how large the pieces will be once disassembled. Therefore there is no way to come up with even a rough estimate of how much it will cost to ship...
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    My stacker Sunfish Trailer

    Very nice. I see that the trailer is much too long overall. That makes it hard to maneuver and also causes excess tongue weight. Take a hacksaw or an angle grinder and reduce the length of the trailer by cutting off the long part about 2 feet in front of the bow of the boat. Move the hitch...
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    Sunfish wanted in CT/NY/NJ/MA area

    Hi from Stamford! You can get used Sunfish from the Dinghy Shop on Long Island:
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    2016 Laser Radial and three boat trailer

    Interested in the bottle of champagne. Is it still available? Is it cold?