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  1. J

    Trolley and boat

    1k? Dolly hitch & drive slow!
  2. J

    Grass Roots Sailing ILCA Support

    Ooh! Great ideas Wavedancer! What a way to grow the US ILCA, with a free membership tier! In the past I have had the thought that the only benefit of class membership (for me personally) was the publication. I thought of it as a quarterly magazine subscription.
  3. J

    Grass Roots Sailing ILCA Support

    If the class secretary would reach out to them, every once in a while, do some research and publish their findings (more than an email that goes to spam), or at least keep a record of what is actually going on in the area and follow up, that may help. Seed money for the regional regattas (no...
  4. J

    Grass Roots Sailing ILCA Support

    The class should support regional regattas, district GP regattas, and all the "Flyover Districts" who have no active District Secretary.
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    All about to kick off.... LaserPerformance strikes out in court Published on February 4th, 2021 It was February 2020 when a hearing in the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut concluded, it was the result of a...
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    All about to kick off....

    ??? February 2021 Statement from LaserPerformance Statement by LaserPerformance The Court’s recent ruling reduced the jury’s award by more than half from $4,337157.49 to $2,056,736.33 with regard to...
  7. J

    Bye bye LP

    Scuttlebutt's reporting is really good.
  8. J

    2017 Class Rule changes:

    New hiking strap support line rigging Thanks LaLi! Finally, a new use for all those sailmaker thimbles rolling around in my extras box, from all those stupid rope tricks we used to do!
  9. J

    2017 Class Rule changes:

    Lesson learned: even the best sailors do very stupid things which no one should blindly copy. I don't know about you LaLi, but velcro-ing a compass to the Laser, is something I would not stand behind. ;)
  10. J

    2017 Class Rule changes:

    I have to disagree here, the Tac-Tick has two faces, so one should be visible from either gybe. My concern would be the Cunningham and outhaul fouling with it. However, a properly designed mast bracket would alleviate that. A mast mount would benefit light air sailing. Getting the compass off...
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    2017 Class Rule changes:

    Does anyone have any ideas about rigging the hikingstrap now that the rule has changed? Can we mount the tac-tick on the mast? Or are we going to have to re-write the new rule to allow that?
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    Mark II Standard Sail
  13. J

    Mark II Standard Sail

    I would like to hear what people are thinking about the new Mark II sail in the 3-8mph range. I spent about two hours with 6 other boats in flat water. I was the only boat with the new sail. My observations during this time, include the thought that this new sail is a completely different...