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  1. mackconsult

    Were did the calendar go on the old forum

    Its been a while since I have come back to this forum ....... its much different ...... and the reason i came back was to look at the laser calendar and see what travelling regatta's I should go to this year :o(
  2. mackconsult

    Wouldn't this be nice on the bottom of a boat

    There will have to be a rule about using this kind of stuff on boats.
  3. mackconsult

    My next sailing adventure

    Well my laser has been a blast, and I am not giving up on it. Laser racing gives me my fill of sail boat racing, and then the occasional offshore on big boats gives me my fill of lead poisoning :eek:. I have been considering what to do next that would involve technology, speed, athletisism...
  4. mackconsult

    Fun laser sailing this weekend

    Taking the laser up to rock crock resevoir this weekend. Looks to be breeze and sunshine all weekend. All the kids are coming up and going sailing with me. It will be fun to sail around all the fisherman trying to catch trout :D.
  5. mackconsult

    Smelly hiking pants???

    I just thought I would drop a note on what I do with my smelly hiking pants. Each time after I use them, I spray simple green on them and then rinse them with fresh water. I mentioned this to some one else in my club, and he thought it was great. So just thought I would share little bit of...
  6. mackconsult

    Wife controls my laser sailing

    Its come to this point in my life that she can put the kabosh on were and what I do. Several regattas here I have had the opportunity to PRO, but have always raced. This year she said I WILL pro to earn some $$$ instead of spend. :cool: Oh well at least I can still do my Monday night racing :D
  7. mackconsult

    Skipping out of work to go for a sail

    Just can't stand sitting here looking out the window at the 15 knot southerly. I'm out of here :D
  8. mackconsult

    Crack in my sailing boots

    How do I fix my hiking boots. I have a crack in the top. Just don't want to do only duct-tape :D
  9. mackconsult

    Transporting my Laser

    I had to share this with everybody: When going to major events I don't know that I would tow the trailer. I just need to make sure I have some step ladders and extra bodies handy so I can get the boat up on the roof of the sprinter van :D.
  10. mackconsult

    First road trip -> ABYC for midwinters

    Alamitos Bay Yacht Club Feb 20 & 21st in Long Beach!!!! So looking forward to it ..... was 76F down there today and sunny. Taking the sprinter van with WVO & utility trailer with laser & covers loaded on it. Wife gave me the OK last night :o). This will be the first time I have road...
  11. mackconsult

    WVO system running in my sprinter van :o)

    Finally I got it working and it works seamlessly between veggie and diesel. I have a 1500 mile range now and looking forward to my first long range road trip for the laser. Here I come southern california :D.
  12. mackconsult

    Don't have to sell my boat :o)

    Yesterday management said lay offs were going occur all day. I thought I was a goner and would have to sell my beloved boats and cars. Safe I am for now ...... May be time to revamp the resume and look for work :(.
  13. mackconsult

    My new Regatta-mobile

    Working on some financing and putting down some $$$$$$. Planning on the following modifications. 1) Frybrid veggie oil kit with 30 gallon plastic tank 2) Webasto marine diesel heater mounted under the bench seat 3) Smoked windows 4)...
  14. mackconsult

    Getting T-boned on Port

    There is this idiot at our Sailing club. I mistakenly tryed to cross him on Port and didn't make it in my brand new boat. He proceeds to head up and hit me in my quarter section. Shouldn't he get DSQed????? I am the one who does the scoring and I am giving myself a DSQ for making the...
  15. mackconsult

    Full rig sails and dolly

    Two laser full rig sails and a seitech dolly for sale. Both sails have been lightly used for club racing and I have always kept them rolled up on large PVC pipe. Both are in really good shape and good for racing in all conditions. Both include good sail bags in excellent shape. June 2006 ->...
  16. mackconsult

    Charter for D6 championships in Columbia River Gorge Aug 25 & 26

    Any one want to charter my boat for the District 6 champtionships in Cascade Locks, OR August 25th & 26th? I am sure some of you have been here and know what its about! Warm water, sunny skies, fresh breeze, nestled into the Columbia River Gorge. Currently unemployed and would be better...
  17. mackconsult

    2007 Laser Master Worlds in Spain

    Looks like I will not be doing transpac know, so thinking about laser master worlds in spain in september. I have the following in my schedule book: NOR was supposed to mailed out in February but have not heard anything. Any one have any...
  18. mackconsult

    Laser Sailors who can't count, confuse the race committee !!!

    Couldn't let the members of this forum not read about the scenario that developed at a recent regatta here in the Pacific Northwest. The situation: 10 lasers competed in a two day regatta. Total races completed was 5 with a throw out. Start/finish line was restricted. The last race on...
  19. mackconsult

    Watching your self sail your laser ????

    Well lets see if I can type this again .... seeing as it all was gone when trying to do a spell check :mad: Being a mechanical engineer I have an idea that I am thinking about investing some time and $ into. Would other laser sailors be interested in being able to record them selves sailing...