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    Sunfish with a gunter rig

    so first i was considering a super sunfish rig, the bermuda rig, but, my Dad made a suggestion suggestion: his boat, and my boat's sister uses a gunter rig, he suggested I use a gunter rig, it is similar to the bar mud rig, but it has a key difference: it has a spar that raises to the top of...
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    Super Sunfish rig

    I'm looking to make the sail, mast, and boom for a super sunfish, My plan is to use the super rig in high wind, but use the regular rig in light winds. I have access to a large wood shop and was going to make everything myself. Does anyone have the plans for the rig, or suggestions?
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    I'm currently looking into potential jib for my 1975 sunfish, any ideas?
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    Cracked mast step/tube.

    so in early august I bought a 75 sunfish from a guy down in CT, he didn't mention that the coaming was falling off, or that there was a crack in the mast step. What he did tell me was that it had been used at sailing schools since the spring of 2017 and that some knucklehead had crashed her into...