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    couple quick questions...

    After racing on an active team for all of last year, i have run into a couple of questions that my teammates were also puzzling over. First, during CORK series one last august, the windspeed increased to over 30 knots during one of the races. At this point, it became nearly impossible to gybe...
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    Serial (Hull) Number

    serial number Does anybody know if there is a way to tell the age of your laser by reading the serial number on the laser? Can I also tell the manufacturer of my laser? Thanks, JB.
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    soft hull?

    Last summer I was training on my laser one day and i capsised. I performed a dry capsise, i slid down the side of the hull to the daggerboard but as I did this the hull "popped" inwards for a moment, turning from its regular convex to a concave chine under my weight. This worried me and I...