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  1. Gfinch

    Laser Open - River Orwell, Suffolk, UK

    I welcome everyone to attend our Club's laser open on 3rd October, hopefully not too far for most of you ;) Any questions let me know!!
  2. Gfinch

    A Slight Problem

    So, I went sailing today as usual, but my boat now has a little problem: Clearly not something I can fix, although I could use the broken top mast for a spare boom?
  3. Gfinch

    Laser 'Bianco'

    My mate recently got a Laser hull. The sail number is 151251 (1995?). It has a 'Bianco' vinyl on the cockpit, shown below. Is this a special laser edition? Like the Timex lasers (I have one of these) which were used in the '88 World Championships? Any info on this would be great.
  4. Gfinch

    Vang / Kicker

    This is what my Vang / Kicker looks like, but it doesn't work like this. With the equipment I have, what could I do to make it work, and perhaps have a 8:1. It looks like this: I would like it to look like this: Does anyone have a step - by step guide on how to create one like the...
  5. Gfinch

    Laser Timex?

    Hi! I have a Laser Timex, in very good condition. I am led to belive that these boats were made for the Laser World Championships in 1988. The sail number is 136069, so it ties up with the age. Can anyone give me any more information about them? This is all I know. Regards, G.Finch.
  6. Gfinch

    Post Pictures Of Your Laser

    I'll start with mine :-