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    Rudders For Sale

    yes they are.
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    Mainsail for Sale

    HI Bill, All J/24 sails are OD Class sails. The OD sail is cut with a foot shelve as J/24's are lot loose footed mainsails.
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    Mainsail for Sale

    It is still available. Make me an offer.
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    Mainsail for Sale

    Nice mainsail from north for sale. $500.00 plus shipping
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    Spin Launch baskets

    I have two spinnaker launch bags. $60.00 each plus shipping
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    Rudders For Sale

    I have thee rudders for sale. Each is a available. Rudder #1 - White on the saw horse is 20191105 - $900. waterline rudder (Waterline retooled the mold in 2000 to make perfectly faired rudders) that I bought in 2010 for my old boat, was measured for the worlds in 2019. Has no hardware on it...
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    Wanted: Velocitek ProStart

    I have a Velocitek Prostart that I am not using. It is like new used maybe 5 times. Kept in Box. DM me or Email
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    Hi Dave, What is your budget? I have a few spinnakers and mains.

    Hi Dave, What is your budget? I have a few spinnakers and mains.
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    j24 Trailer

    Hello, I am in the process of buying a new trailer. I have a dual axel in Miami that I will see once the new trailer is done. It has new axels and brakes, and will be available after I pick up my new trailer PM for info.
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    Wanted: mast butt casting and plate.

    I have one. I will take a picture tonight.
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    Boom needed

    I'll Try and take some pics tonight. It is buried and i will have to dig it out.
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    Boom needed

    It is in Fort Lauderdale. $400 plus shipping. If can wait until the NOODs and you have someone coming to St. Pete can deliver there.
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    Boom needed

    I have a boom that I can sell you
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    Need Genoa

    Bradley, I have a Dieball that was designed by Tim Healy before he went back to North. It is a beautiful sail. I only used it for half of 2014 and 1 regatta in 2017. The sail has always been rolled and stored in AC. I can take pics and send to you.
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    USA 5333 Argentinian Built boat

    USA 5333 2005 J/Boats Argentina, J24, USA 5333. This is a turnkey boat that needs nothing to be ready for the next Worlds. This boat has been impeccably maintained by every owner. Under prior owners, the boat has been 2nd in the Worlds 2005, and won multiple Midwinters including 2018...
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    USA 216 For Sale

    USA 216 is for sale. Prefer for the boat to stay local but willing to let go for the right price. USA 216 is a 1978 J/24 which has been meticulously maintained. The boat has had the deck modified from the original 1978 double sliding hatches. The traveler and traveler bar have been replace with...
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    USA 408 for sale

    Hull 408 is for sale in Miami. Comes with everything to put it together except toe rails. The boat is fully stripped to the original gelcoat and ready for paint. The main hatch has been converted. I was going to fully refinish the boat and use it as a loaner in Miami but just don't have the time...
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    Laser Vang (new style) and new Deck Plate for Cunningham and outhaul

    Laser New Style Harken Vang - $225.00 Outhaul and Cunningham Cleat base with Harken Cleats - $100.00
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    Regatta Logistics

    Hello J/24 Sailors, If you are interested in heading south for the winter there will be plenty of sailing to do in Florida all winter. Starting with the Kings Day Regatta in Jacksonville, then the St. Pete NOOD regatta in February, The Midwinters in Miami in March, then head north to Columbia...
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    Charlotte email me at

    Charlotte email me at