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  1. paintboy

    AMF Trac 14 and 16 catamarans

    I currently own a trac 14 and wondered how many more are out there. Any tips or advice on it? We have only had it in the water once this past summer but plan on many trips next summer. Looks to be a quality built boat and I like how it can be disassembled for storage.
  2. paintboy

    Zuma with a soft and flexing hull

    I have a 1985 Zuma I just picked up and it seems to me the hull is really flexable compaired to my sunfish. Just the weight of the empty boat on the trailer bunks makes a slight indentation in the hull. Is this normal or has the hull gotten weak over time? I can't decide if I should cut...
  3. paintboy

    Pre-72 rudder, hardware and daggerboard

    These parts came off a 1973 windflight and will work on the sunfish. The only part missing from the rudder is the pin. The wood on the rudder is a little stained on one side but is sealed with 4 coats of helmsman urethane. Dagger board is in good shape. I also have the hull available if anyone...