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    1960 Sunfish

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    If you need only the 4 (2 pairs) they are $3 which includes postage. Let me know what your...

    If you need only the 4 (2 pairs) they are $3 which includes postage. Let me know what your address is and I will mail out. You can Venmo the money or send a check.
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    1960 Sunfish

    Yes a tapered mast. It is standard 2-1/4” diameter at bottom end and 1-1/2” diameter at top end. Has block for halyard.
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    1960 Sunfish

    I have a wood 1960 Sunfish with original trailer for sale. Includes rudder, daggerboard, tapered aluminum mast, booms, brand new sail, new mainsheet and halyard. Was built from an Alcort kit in 1960. I am the second owner. Had not been sailed since 1980 and has been stored indoors. Includes...
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    Something unexpected

    Looking at the transom photos would indicate that this is not a Sunfish. A 1968 Sunfish would have the indent in the transom for the carriage bolt. Canadian version, maybe. Not very familiar with those. There was another knockoff Sunfish built in MA around that time period. I’ve owned one of...
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    Newport sail for sunfish

    I may have what you are looking for. See attached photos. PM me or contact me at cjo1023 at yahoo dot com.
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    Anyone know the cost to ship a mast and spars?

    I bought a Nacra catamaran mast from someone in Virginia Beach and used to get it to me here in RI. I placed the ad and he called me on his way through Virginia. I had quotes of $500-$1000 but when he called he asked how much I was willing to spend. I paid $200 for the mast so told...
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    Recommend a good sail/spar bag

    I've purchased their deck covers (the less expensive fabric). They were great deck covers. I used to sell spar bags myself. My cost was $40 then the price went up, so Intensity's $55 is not a bad deal and I have one of those for myself now. Someone sells deck covers and spar bags on eBay as...
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    Is anyone else frustrated with Sunfish parts supply houses?

    I have some bailer parts, long and short thread versions. Contact me at cjo1023 at yahoo dot com.
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    Wanted. Sunfish in good shape

    I have a 2000 model available, located in Rhode Island. I also have a trailer available.
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    Is anyone else frustrated with Sunfish parts supply houses?

    I have the friction plastic washers available. Contact me at cjo1023 at yahoo dot com.
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    Help with sunfish age

    1. Boom end, eye bolt should go through boom and not end cap. As mentioned maybe boom is backwards or rotate boom so opening n end cap is away from other boom. Looks like boom end cap is held in place with a screw which is where your eye bolt should be. 2. Mainsheet clam cleats not the best. In...
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    Looking at a 1985 Sunfish to buy

    Considering the current state of boat buying, I'd buy this boat. Fix up the dings, new trailer tires, and get a new sail (I sell new sails for $165, many color options).
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    Super Sunfish rig

    I have a boom only. I have the lower two pieces of a Force 5 mast and a Force 5 boom but those will not fit the Sunfish mast hole.
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    Super Sunfish rig

    The Super Sunfish came with a traveler. However I have rigged a standard Sunfish to be able to convert to the Super Sunfish rig by using a Laser style mainsheet system. If you live in New England area, I might have some parts available (spars). I'll look through my collection and let you know. I...
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    3D printing parts

    I have made 3D models of the boom and mast end caps. I also have a 3D model of the aluminum rudder cheek. My next goal is a 3D model of the plastic rudder cheek. I have printed the boom and mast end caps. Not with nylon so I would not use them on an actual boat. I used a 3D printer available at...
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    Advice Needed for Sailfish MK-II

    I have a rudder that would fit this boat (4.25" vertical plate). Contact me if interested at cjo1023 at yahoo dot com or PM.
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    Shiny Bottom

    I had someone here in Rhode Island re gel coating the bottom of my Sunfish at $300-$350 depending on the repairs needed. Then he went big time building hulls and decks for a boat manufacturer and his prices doubled. His work was always great, although these small projects took back seat to his...
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    RHODE ISLAND New Sunfish Sails Black Friday Special

    New Sunfish sails in either red and white or blue and white. Black Friday special as I will include a new set of sail rings, sail ties and a sail/rope bag until December 1st. After the first, the set is $20. Shipping extra. Other colors available as well.
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    Correct screws

    Now where on the wall did I put that widget???