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    My next sailing adventure

    omg, hope that man alive kiting is definitely more extreme than sailing...
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    Welcome to the New

    Wow, i returned after a short brake and everythings change. Looks much better now.
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    Article about laser class

    Thanks for replay. Unfortunately this is not commercial project (so far), so that's only offer for volunteer. I could only offer advertorial or other ad serving.
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    Why did you choose sailing over a Powerboat?

    Anyone can driver motorboat, that is not a big idea. To sail you should think, feel wind and water. Of course oil cost and wind is for free :-)
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    New Sailing Video!!! Whoohoo!!!

    Haha, nice video, nice boat, crazy skipper :-)
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    Article about laser class

    Hello, Seeking a person who could write an article about Laser Class for WorldNewsYacht. It will be great if somebody could write series of short articles about rules, boats, races of that class. If somebody interested please PM. Regards