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    capri 14.2 for sale in Ohio

    capri This boat is in very good shape. I am asking $1800 for the Capri. If you go to the Capri 14 web page and search for "Capri for sale in Ohio" you will see some photos of it that I posted last fall when I tried to sell it. Let me know what you think.
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    capri 14.2 for sale in Ohio

    Yes I still have it. Do you live in Ohio? Thanks.
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    capri 14.2 for sale in Ohio

    I sold my Capri today!! Thanks to everyone who asked me about it. I am selling my Capri 14.2. This boat is a 1987 and is in great shape. I bought it from an older guy who bought it new and only used (dry sailed) it for a few years before storing it inside his garage for most of its...
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    Capri 14.2 still for sale in Ohio

    Hi folks, I still have my Capri and it's still for sale. Check out the photos I added to the listing. Also, I would be willing to consider any lower offers that anybody has so let me know. I can answer any questions about the boat that anybody has. Thanks. The listing is a few lines down...
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    1987 Capri 14.2 For Sale

    Hello folks, I have a 1987 Capri 14.2 for sail. I bought this boat from the original owner and have all the owners manuals ect... that came with it. The guy that bought it new sailed it very little and kept it in a garage the rest of the time. It is in very good shape, almost like new but...
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    Rudder Blisters

    The rudder core is foam. grinding and filling sounds like a good idea to me also. I guess that the blade costs around $200 to buy new.
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    sliding sideways

    Thanks Richard. Did you mean that you sit in front of the jib cars in light air?
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    sliding sideways

    Thanks for all the replies to my last post folks. We were able to take the Capri out for our first sail the other day and it seems very stable to me. I have been sailing small boats for years (el toro, penguin, flying jr. ect) and this boat seems good in that respect. The one thing that...
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    How stable is this thing?

    Hi folks, I am starting to wounder how easy it is to capsize on of these boats. We just got one and have not had a chance to try it out yet but we hope to this weekend. Sounds like we should leave the camera on shore. It seems as tough this boat should be fairly stable given its beam. I...
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    Main Sail Wanted

    Hi folks, We were wondering if anybody out there had a all white main sail in good shape for sale. We just don't like the look of the blue ones. Thanks for your help in advance.