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    Wanted: Full Rig & 4.7 bottom Section's and boom

    hey all, just wondering whether any of you have 2nd hand bottom sections for a full rig and 4.7 rig and also a boom? cheers rob
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    sailing anarchy?

    so, who is gonna reveal who they are on sa? i have been lurkin there since march 04
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    Survival sailing and race tips (I need help!)

    mmm, with your gybing, you have to be going as fast as you can, this eases the pressure on the sail, so if you can gybe when you are surfing a wave it is even better & you have to be sailin by the lee a bit, but the main thing is bein ddw & goin as fast as you can, but be careful not to get the...
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    Making Carbon Tiller

    you need a steel tube (make it whatever diameter you want) you also need something (such as mylar laminate material & make sure its glossy) to cover the steel tube (it has to be a tight fit & be longer than the length of the tiller extension) & stop it from getting resin on the steel tube...
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    Laser 4.7 Rig?

    mmm, i have found that at about 60kg i was just getting powered up in over 12 knots, could control it pretty easy in 30-40, started sailin the full rig in under 12 knots for a while, was fully powered up in 8-10, on sunday, i killed the full rig sail after it had survived for 26 odd years...
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    Is this a decent choice for the mainsheet block?

    all ratchets are basically free wheel when they fail... I guess it will free wheel. I could see me using the auto ratchet because downwind, you dont really need a ratchet. when i was sailing my sabot, i had the smaller ronstan smart ratchet & it worked awesome, best thing on that boat.
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    Iceboat w laser rig?

    ye, but ahh well, and i will be moving before they get down here.
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    Iceboat w laser rig?

    mm, they pass no where near us aussies, you can't see them from land, they stick as far south as they can, now if we could just get into on of the RAAF Orions that wil be flying down there to check on the boats, then we'd be able to see 'em but i think it would be hard for us to get on an orion...
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    How not to lose a rudder?

    probably to the gudgeon.
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    2008 olympics

    ye, they should race down here in aus, where there is wind, the place they are sailing at has an average wind speed of 8 knots, this includes hurricanes & those kinda storms. ohh & nick moloney on skandia (he is aussie) is coming 6th in the vendee globe YEA.
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    this sucks

    as a mate said, sail hard & party harder!!! :P i'll be in for that.
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    mmm, i think they are like AU$500+, dont waste your money either, go for the Stormy Seas one, the marine board of vic did a test on all of them & they found that the Stormy Seas ones were waaaaaaaaaaay ahead of the others in terms of safety & everythin. dont buy one that isn't a PFD type 1...
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    which rig

    i weigh 60kg, i go well in about 5-8 knots in the full rig, thats when i can keep up with a tasar & 470, above that i start getting overpowered, but it is fun when i go downwind. it is hard work for me in 15 knots with the full rig.
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    Bureaucracy gone mad

    you know just to piss em all off, you should file lots & lots of incidents, wonder how long it'll take em to realise that they have totally f****d up. man, it would be hell for them if they brought those regs in down under, just imagine, on the startline of a sabot nationals, where they get 72+...
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    this sucks

    pie is good, screw the punch, go the rum & cola or beer.