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    Laser Performance Gorilla Tiller and Extension for Sale

    Hi, Sorry, it is sold. Thanks
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    Sailing upwind against the waves

    Regarding the steering motions, I believe the Rooster videos describe it as the following, which has helped me understand the proper motions: Imagine your boat is capsized (mast horizontal). Your rudder then acts like the tail flaps on an airplane. Your objective is to steer the boat...
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    Sailing upwind against the waves

    How useless..
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    Kb1 Racer Jacket Or Smock?

    I haven't used the jacket, but unless you plan on wearing it around on shore, there's no reason not to get the smock in my opinion. Lighter, slimmer, more water-tight (no zipper, inner and outer neck seals). I took the smock on a Fastnet, a Transatlantic, wore it in the Laser and for...
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    Laser Bottom Sections for Sale

    Sent a message to your inbox. Email me at
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    15:1 Vang and Cunningham Kit - Holt or Harken

    Hi, sorry this is sold.
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    Old Style Vang Kit for Sale

    Old Style 3:1 Vang Kit - $30
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    Used Boom for Sale

    Used boom with all hardware - $150. Unsure of class legality because of the addition of aluminum plates in-way of blocks, however these can be removed if desired. Located Connecticut. Can be brought to RI.
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    Laser Performance Gorilla Tiller and Extension for Sale

    New and never used LP Gorilla Tiller and Extension - $125 (25% off retail price). These are from event boat 196160 which I purchased from Laser Performance in Portsmouth. I have always used my existing tiller and a fair assumption is that the sailor who chartered the boat for the event did as...
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    Laser Bottom Sections for Sale

    1 Nearly brand new full-rig section - $240 (20% off new cost) - See pictures and that wear-disk on mast-base is nearly perfect and unworn. 1 Used radial lower section - $135 (50% of new cost)- A bit worn and base wear-disk could use replacement. Rivet in base has popped out. Has a hook on...
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    15:1 Vang and Cunningham Kit - Holt or Harken

    Nearly brand new 15:1 Vang Kits - Selling one; either Holt or Harken. Holt is $150, Harken is $225--both 20% less than new retail price. Keeping one as a spare but don't care which. Nearly brand new cunningham kits - 6:1 (Holt Allen) - $20 or 10:1 (Ronstan) - $35. Selling one. Come with...
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    "LP World Open Regatta" - Newport

    Does anyone plan on doing this event? It's new, right? Does anyone have any information beyond what's on the SailNewport site? Is there a list of people who are currently registered that anyone's been able to find?
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    New boards and blocks come with free boat and trailer

    Might be interesting to anyone in florida. Not much time left.
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    Are Laser II's no longer available

    The recommendations of Snipe, JY15, 420, and V15 are far inferior to the Laser II in terms of performance (with trap and spinnaker, only available on the 420 [but still with inferior performance]), but there is obviously a required difficulty level rise to match that increase in performance...
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    Seitech vs Optiparts Trolley

    Seitech. I think the Seitech does more to protect your boat. The gunwale supports seem more forgiving for one. I've also seen boats on Optiparts dollies that have slipped off the gunwales onto the plastic axle beam and then rocketed downhill and onto the beach or, worse, pavement... This...