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    Mast stolen! Now what?

    John, this sounds awfully naive, coming from a 62-year-old, but: You might contact a dealer and ask if he/she has a demo boat or boat in stock from which you could borrow a mast, with the agreement that you would replace it with your new one when it arrives. Nothing ventured nothing gained.
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    Battery For Trolling Motors

    Bigsky! I cant believe all these responses to your question !! I asked last month for advice on location of my battery, and received ZILCH, NADA, BUPKES, for response. Now, they are tearing the walls down to get to you. I have a "new" 1999 14.2. Here is what I did - it is something else...
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    Capri 14.2 vs. Lido 14

    Don, here is a discussion of all 3 boats by a friend of mine: who has been a dealer for Lidos and Catalinas (Capris). We were also discussion the American: "For fit, finish and easy of use and maintenance, I honestly don't think you can beat the C14.2. You'll seldom have problems with the...
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    Centerboard won't stay down

    Art! If you bought this boat NEW, go back to the dealer and ask for the bungee!! It's not like it is "optional equipment"!! Good luck - let us know how it turns out.
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    Wanted: Cockpit Cushions for 14.2

    :o Hey folks, if you have a set, or know of a set for sale, please contact me at Thanks, George
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    Sail down, boom up?

    I just installed the boomkicker on my new 1999 last month. First, it works great. I went directly to the manufacturer (, as they are cheaper than West. You only need the small model K0312 ($82 including shipping). I HAD to get a kicker to support the boom, as I didn't want...
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    Questions for you with Trolling Motors

    Folks, I just purchased the Minn Kota 30 for my new 1999 14.2, with the corresponding type 24 battery. Although I only weigh 150 lbs, I am concerned that the stern may ride too low, even with two mushroom anchors up in the cuddy. My questions are related to how you installed your battery into...
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    Advice Sought: Location of Battery

    Folks, I just purchased a new 1999 14.2. I am considering installing a Minn Kota motor on the stern, either a 36 or 40. I am asking your opinions on battery location and size. Obviously, at the stern is the easiest, but least attractive and most obtrusive. Is it worth trying to install it in...
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    How Long is Your Trailer/Boat Rig?

    :o Folks, I need your input. I anticipate buying a used 14.2 in the near future; however, my garage is only 19' deep. I have been told (by a Catalina representative at the boat show) that the total rig is 21' long. If so, I must either slide my boat forward on the trailer by 2' or cut the...
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    Another Senior Moment - sorry.

    I just realized that the red icon I sent on my first message was a "thumbs down." I thought it was a "question mark." No offense intended (when offense is intended, it will be crystal clear)! ;) ;) ;)
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    Question on Handbook

    :confused: Folks, I am in the process of selling my Com-Pac Sun Cat and purchasing a used Capri 14.2. If I am NOT interested in racing, do I still need the Handbook? I.e., is it only racing rules and regulations, or is it a pretty handy owner's manual? Thanks in advance.