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    2011 LaserXD 199580 $ 4999.00

    Their will be no photos' as this is a brand new Laser with NO imperfections. The extra gear, 4.7, Radial, dolley I kept from other boats.
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    2011 LaserXD 199580 $ 4999.00

    New Boat picked up on 6/21/2011, used once in a handicap race at my club ( using my new intensity sail, rudder, and centerbd). Some life changes and I need to sell it. 2- Brand new Blade Bags- 1- w/ new intensity set 1- unused Laser Kit w/ carbon Tiller 1- Once used intensity sail- 1...
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    2011 Rule Changes - Fundamental Rule

    So than the question is: if not on the forum will the Class respond to members in writing providing the facts that are available today? If so can you list the questions, we all would like the answers to? Letters vs email, as well as, paid Class membership might reap so additional information. I...
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    New laser in 10 days - transport questions

    I think I read a ad for 2010 regatta boats complete for $3946 in Ct. in the spring 2011 laser sailor. Thats pretty cheap. But the overall question is what will and not be considered a legal laser? Did this dispute occur in 2010 or 2011?
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    2011 Rule Changes - Fundamental Rule

    Wow... the last post was only to be two or so lines. The point that I wanted to share was that as a Laser Dealer,( bill to and ship to was the same) we received a number of boats from alot of different manufacturing sites and the boats were are all the same except colors. $ drives...
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    Intensity sails at regattas

    In todays economic times, I am surprised that Intensity Has not yet been bought out by a leading manufacturer, so that they can maintain and and control everything, brands at one price and generics at another. These are not for class functions but at clubs and frostbiting?
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    2011 Rule Changes - Fundamental Rule

    However, this didn't stop PCA importing boats to europe by the container load. At first they were brand new, then after a few stern letters and the threat of loss of constructors licence these imports took the form of second hand boats generally sailed once. Why on earth would european...
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    Roundtable: Inviting folks to play on Lasers

    In light of the class distractions, you seem to be on target with the renewed interest in the class. Your concept of including the class, clubs, and builders seem to have a synergy that enhances sailing, especially Lasers. ( not-available in the US). The renaissance in Laser sailing in the...
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    Cheaper lasers in Australia

    obviously, I am looking for a new laser to sail. My odds at winning the 200,000 is quite small.
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    Cheaper lasers in Australia

    The point is can the supplier decide to have their product manufactured over seas "china" and still slap a sticker on it as their own? It would meet class standards, and be certified as a class legal product? LP laser built in china.. Would we as consumers have big benefit? or would it be in...
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    Racing tactics

    I think reading how to sports how to is great! I have done it so many times. But, the technology available with video has revolutionized games. I use them as trainers for all my sport teams. To that end, I have been sailing Lasers for a long time. I always thought I had speed, but I...
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    battens falling out

    Is it class legal to sew the battens in? Is it best to have a tube to roll it if they are in? What size tube is best? I have so many sails with batten tips stuck inside the elastic, or have lost them completely due to luffing at the dock. help please....
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    Cheaper lasers in Australia

    Are cheap lasers now being produced in china?
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    Hull Longevity

    Ok, I understand the principle of a "beaten" boat with hi-use in strong winds verse a stiff one. My question is for your opinion, but which series boats were the fastest? I have had several generations of boats, and my feeling personal feeling is the 21-29,000 series was the fastest built...
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    Fastest Way to Fitness and Basic Skills

    Paxfish, you should market your book as a CliffnNotes brand. Just to substitute some of these items,with something healthier like Tea, will reduce the hunger pangs and keep you hydrated, your body fat will melt. Fitness and laser saiing strength is another topic. I have however, gained...