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    My new Tech4Design Sunfish Dolly!

    Call Tech4 It’s a real business with real people and they will talk with you about options
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    It is getting cold here, what kind of Smock is everyone wearing?

    I’ve been layering up with a lightweight rain top but I think I’m going to graduate to a sailing Smock. What is your preference?
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    Cup Holder

    Check this out on Amazon Yakuzzi Kayak Drink/Cup Holder, Accessories for Kayaks and Canoes if you don’t like the fit it’s an easy return. :cool:
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    My new Tech4Design Sunfish Dolly!

    I love my Tech 4 Designs dolly, it does break down easily although I don’t break it down often. I’ve used it pretty hard, I sail a lot. The Paint is holding up zero dings, Everything is quality on it. I have the bigger beach tires and they’re more buoyant than the regular tires… enough to...
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    Pintle pin up or down?

    I have the push down set up, but you can change this to whatever orientation you want. I’ll just warn you that you can pinch your thumb on the push down set up I’ve done it twice now. I like to push down. I’ve got the other pintle that uses a cotter pin but I’ve been sailing so much and I’m too...
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    In Search of a Good Paddle to fit In Cubby

    Show us a picture :D
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    In Search of a Good Paddle to fit In Cubby

    I’ve used this paddle for a couple of months now, and paddled the heck out of it against the wind to launch through lake grasses and it’s holding up well just to report in!
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    EZ Rec Rack For Sunfish

    Beeee Careful the Sunfish are moderately heavy and awkward because they’re long. and more difficult to car top solo too. It’s not worth getting injured, because if you get injured then you can’t sail. :) Yes this is a Genius design I agree......with a good strong back...
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    Marine-Tex'able Repairs

    YAYYYY! GOOD JOB! It’s really amazing isn’t it? Are you sure that’s not an E Scow??? :)
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    Marine-Tex'able Repairs

    Don’t forget the trick of smoothing plastic like visqueen, merchandise bag sections or even plastic wrap if that’s all you have... on top of the marine Tex repair. you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how smooth it comes out with no sanding required.
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    Mast cup issue

    Alan, if the cleat is relocated on the mast for the halyard, how do you rig the typical recreational downhaul that goes around the gooseneck and down to the deck mounted cleat?
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    I need a bailer

    Hey Alan, do you have the washer that goes on the rudder pintle On the 90’s rudder? thanks
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    Questions Regarding Installing New Sail

    Beyond 90 and further is the key....around 90 is OK. Someone here on the forum mentioned it as something to think about when running in to the beach. I have a narrow beach with not much room on either side. The other thing suggested was to sheet in on a run to depower the sail just before...
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    Questions Regarding Installing New Sail

    I love the Robline 8 mm line for a main sheet. I have 29’ and sometimes I feel like it’s too short if I’m making a downwind run home and then leaving my boat on the beach to take a break before derigging With the booms swinging freely. I have had the stopperknot snatched through the mainsheet...