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    Refinishing the dagger board.

    I am sure you will get lots of different answers, but I used clear epoxy first (MAS) and then varnish over that. The epoxy adheres well and builds up fast, but it will turn cloudy upon repeated exposure to UV light. To stop that, I applied varnish over the epoxy. If you go that route, epoxy &...
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    fiberglass daggerboard and squall line

    Hi Lafayette Mike, I have a 71 Sunfish and as much as I like tradition and varnished mahogany blades, I like the new daggerboard more. I found the performance improvement so great that if I hadn’t experienced it myself, I would have said people were making it up. They weren’t. Good luck.
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    Ultimate Inspection Port...

    Hello fellow Sunfishers, Just my opinion of course, and with all respect to those with differing opinions, but I would stick with the "traditional" round inspection report on the deck. Here's my thinking: - "Cat bags" are readily available for the round inspection ports. I usually throw my...
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    New (to me) Sunfish, question about interesting number on rudder bracket

    Hi rhambus, In looking at your pictures, I noticed you are missing the rudder tube that prevents lateral movement of the bottom bronze rudder piece. Without that piece the rudder is likely to pop up in heavier winds. The rudder tube you will need is 1/2" OD , 1/4" ID. Mine is made of white...
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    Refinishing rudder, tiller and daggerboard this weekend

    Storm took out internet so typing on iPad which isn’t too accurate. S/b “green stripe.”
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    Refinishing rudder, tiller and daggerboard this weekend

    Hi there, The daggerboard and rudder for my boat were in pretty rough shape when I first got the boat. There were cracks and splinters and the daggerboard was short by a couple of inches. For the cracks, I wanted to, and I think it is important, to clean all of the dirt and rot out of them...
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    Does this part of the gudgeon do anything?

    Hi JosefR, Yep, I guessed wrong. The tube is 1/2" OD x 1/4" ID x 5 1/4". The tube as i recall is not totally recessed in the groove as I recall and the 1/2" OD should fit. I just looked at the McMaster site and the stock number is 8628K27. The price is $11.09 for 5' When I bought mine they...
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    Does this part of the gudgeon do anything?

    I have a 1971 Sunfish, and I am happy to report the rudder hardware works exactly as it should 45+ years later. I fully expect that I will give out long before the rudder hardware does. What did give out however was the backing block as it had begun to rot and was not installed correctly as...
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    Airing out a heavy hull

    Hi NJ Boater, I think the short answer is "No" for two reasons: Cold air holds less moisture than warm air, but the humidity levels fluctuate like in the summer, and the drying times aren't going to be that different. If there is snow on the ground, the humidity will be kept on the high...
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    Fixing leaky mast

    Hello fellow Sunfishers, My Sunfish mast originally had plugs at each end, so I decided to go that route again. The original plugs were cork, and I was tempted to order cork online, but in the end I decided to make mine out of white pine (~7/8") which I have plenty of. The mast is 2 1/4", so...
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    Getting ready to start repair

    Hi Joel2, You may find these pictures of use. I replaced the wood backer block for the gudgeon on my boat (1971) 2 or 3 years ago. I used a saber saw with standard length blades to cut the circle. When cutting the circle, I cut through the glass deck, foam and the backer block. You can see...
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    Newbie shopping used boats

    Hi Lefty96, This boat is twice the drive (5 hours), but I think compared to the boat you were looking at, it's a steal. Sunfish Sailboat The price however is $1,500 not $900, but by the time you got everything sorted on the other boat you would be close. It's a 1992 model, has the new...
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    Newbie shopping used boats

    Hi Lefty96, I have never had a problem with the old style rudder, my boat is a 1971, assuming all the parts are in good working order. However looking at the pictures, I can see that the rudder is, shall we say, "a bit rough." The first point is that the bronze "spring plate" is missing...
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    Fixing leaky mast

    Hello fellow Sunfishers, Thanks for all the comments. Back to my project, looking into the mast now that the caps are gone is a mess, so the first thing to do is get rid of the old Sikaflex. I first used a razor blade to gently cut/scrape most of the sealant out/off. It still didn't look...
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    Cam cleat for new sailor

    Hi d jay44, I have my ratchet block (57mm) on the deck which is the common method, and the way Sunfish now come from the factory. Having the block on deck makes it easier to reach the block and keeps the cockpit clear. I use a spring to keep the thing upright and not flopping about. I take...