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    Laser Radial Charter, Boomerang Jan 21-22nd, Ft. Lauderdale

    Hello, Looking for 1 more Laser Radial Charter for the Lauderdale Yacht Club Boomerang Regatta. Jan 21-22nd It is for a well-qualified sailor. We need the hull, boards, and spars. We can potentially bring out own boards if required. We can coordinate through the LYC director if security is an...
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    Are the sails still available? the photos did not work for me. Are we able to talk through...

    Are the sails still available? the photos did not work for me. Are we able to talk through email? Send photos if theyre still available. thank you. -Dave
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    Musto MPX Drysuit GORE-TEX PERFORMANCE SHELL - Medium $350

    Musto MPX GORE-TEX® PERFORMANCE SHELL One Design Drysuit MUSTO MPX series GORE-TEX® PERFORMANCE SHELL Latex neck, wrist & feet protected by fabric tabs to reduce UVA damage & tears Lightweight, flexible diagonal front zip Articulated elbows & knees 500 denier Cordura seat & knee patches...
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    WTT 03 yamaha gp1300r in exchange for Full Laser

    Looking to pick up a competitive full Laser. Not too picky about what it has, except it needs to have a trailer and be pro-rigged. I would like to trade my 03 gp1300r yamaha 2-seater jet ski for a laser + cash. If interested, please do some research on the ski (youtube has a few videos)...
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    1998 vanguard laser - perfect cond.

    sorry, forgot to update. everything is sold. thanks!
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    1998 vanguard laser - perfect cond.

    Hi, Ive got a 1998 vanguard laser for sale. perfect condition. white hull w/ blue stripe. many extras include:Sportsman trailer (new in 04) Sitech laser dolly (not pictured) Hull cover Full rig and radial rig spars Full practice sail Full racing sail (pictured, perfect...
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    Looking for competitive Laser -Texas-

    Found one, thanks.
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    Looking for competitive Laser -Texas-

    Howdy, Im looking to find a competitive laser by this summer. My budget is around $2500, max 3k. Must include all the basics, pro upgrades, and a trailer (would really like a kitty hawk trailer). Also need a practice and racing sail. Any extras like a dolly, covers, etc are great as well...
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    New To sailing

    If you plan on teaching yourself i would opt for getting a hitch installed. you dont need anything fancy so it won't cost too much. Youll need a buddy to help you lift to on and off of the car, unless someone has some innovative ideas. Also, there are so many online resources targeted at new...
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    Ross Bennett's Olympic Dream

    Re: Ross Bennett's Olympic Path Hey Ross, Firstly, great idea on turning this thread into a sort of blog function, i've enjoyed reading it. I'm actually writing a paper analyzing 'virtual communities' and i choose LaserForum as my community. Your campaign and people's reaction to it is...