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    Wanted J-24 stern pulpit

    have one o i have one off 1977 boat . I'm in Queens NY. Willie 347 804 2423
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    J-24 Parts

    I might have one from a 78 24 I cut up. Let me know if you still need it and I'll see if its in my parts bucket Willie
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    WANTED: J24 Mast

    Have black mast off 79 boat. Hull # 299. Standing rigging servicable .. needs new halyards. I'm in Queens New York City. Willie 347 804 2423
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    Looking for bow pulpit and stanchion

    Have Bow pulpit and stanchion in Queens , NY. Stanchion pipes have been cut to minimum height for single lifeline. Have 4. Give a call. 347-804 2423 Willie
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    Looking for Bow and Stern Pulpits

    Mike, Hull # 299 now lives in 65 plastic bags in my driveway... The bow and stern pulpit are available. They are in good condition despite being almost 40 years old. Let me know if you're still interested. I can keep keep them on ice till spring. I'll send pics if you want. Willie 347 804 2423
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    Looking for Bow and Stern Pulpits

    Have both bow and stern pulpit. No damage. Located in Queens NY. Will ship or you can do tourism in NYC and pick them up. Make reasonable offer and their yours. Give a call 347 804 2423 Willie or wilybilds
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    Have trailer in Queens. I would need to remove J24 that is on it . Could do this if you want trailer. Double Axle. Extra long Ramp launch tongue. Give a call if interested 347 804 2423 Willie
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    Booze Cruise Sails

    no blade
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    Booze Cruise Sails

    Have several mains and genoas, various vintage , Brand , and material, all well used,a little dirty,and might need some minor repair. Good for training raw crew or sunset cruises. Dead buddies sister said .."and take all those damn sails with you.!!!" Free for pickup in NYC or u-pay shipping...
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    Parting out '78 J24

    did you sell your winches. will buy both if still available Willie 347 804 2423
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    Tillotson 1978 J/24 parts for sale

    Need Barient 18 winch. wll buy 2 if you have them Willie 347 804 2423
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    Wanted: J/24 Trailer

    Have Dou9ble axle with tougue extension for ramp launching. needs some love 1200$
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    1977 J24 parts available

    Need working primary winch, barient 18 preferable. will buy 2 if you have. thanks Willie
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    Save it or strip it?

    I have an extra J 24 in my drive way. bought it off craiglist cheap and it needs a lot of love. will cut it up and sell the lead. Problem is you can invest 10,000 $ in Materials and labor hours and still end up with a boat you could have bought for 5,000$. Spend your time at work doing...