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    Is it worth it

    One thing about a J24 is thanks to the number made I can't think of a less expensive boat to repair. Any part can be ordered, no custom fabrication required. Lots of used parts available. Loose the mast on your J24 and you can find a used one, lose it on a Luna or a Kirby and you are in allot...
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    Stick Needed

    There is one in Scranton - contact . I was by to purchase something else and it looked OK to me, usual scratches.
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    Got one.
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    looking for a Pulpit for my 1984 J24 and upper life lines.
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    Thanks for the help, I had already read the rules and was wondering more about interpretation.I believe a speed puck is just a compass and speed as long as the optional software is not installed.It does indicate lifts and knocks but I believe it is not "capable of displaying stored headings...
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    I am new to the J24 (2 weeks) I want to put speed on the boat and was thinking of a Velocitek speed puc. Are they class legal? Apologies if I missed where this is already posted.