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    Help with new sunfish and wooden dinghy boat

    There are some Wood-Plastic Composite martials the would make a ideal keel strip. You would pretty much have a permeant solution short of dragging the boat down the road. The composite material I have in mind is the same used as substitute for traditional lumber in playground structures. I...
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    Help with new sunfish and wooden dinghy boat

    You can buy a set of plans for the Spindrift. Building the correct rudder should be your first choice. You could also post on the general sailing forums and try and get someone to send some pictures of the unit. Personally you have a really simple unit that would only require a couple...
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    Help with new sunfish and wooden dinghy boat

    The good part is you can get a Sunfish rudder bracket and mount it. The not so good part is the rudder blade will be too short and you will half to make a longer one. The other good part is you could buy a spare rudder off E-Bay. The not so good part is they are way over priced and charge...
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    back from the depths I think

    Sounds like the work of the notorious Mr. Bill Two.
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    New owner, older hull Serial# 010013 refurbishing for my daughter

    That about sums it up. Remove trim, find the split seams, fix seams, replace trim. One of these days I'll buy a Sunfish that doesn't have the splits, it's just a low probability occurrence for me.
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    Is the rudder hardware anodized?

    If you are in salt water rinse it off with fresh water when done. Pretty much the same as flushing a outboard with fresh water.
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    New owner, older hull Serial# 010013 refurbishing for my daughter

    I think Vanguard went to aluminum backing plates. Remove one screw and determine if it's a wood or machine screw.
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    Is the rudder hardware anodized?

    Wire wheel or sandblasting is fine. The Aluminum will build up a anodized layer by itself. If used in fresh water there should be no problem. Before painting aluminum chemicals are used to build up a anodized layer. I use a wire wheel and have no problems when stored indoors. I also use...
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    New to me Sunfish hulls

    I had a problem with West Marine as gel coat only has a shelf life of about a a year. Best to go to a paint supplier to try and get some fresh stuff. You can brush on gel coat to the area after you do the repairs and fiberglass filler, you just will not get a exact color match. Trying both...
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    New to me Sunfish hulls

    If you want it to look like new you need to go the full gel coat route. This is a investment in equipment that will exceed the value of both hulls. The good part is there is nothing better to learn on than a couple of low cost sunfish hulls. You could split the difference and go with Marine...
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    I'd be careful about how much the hull weighs before car topping it. If it's waterlogged it could easily exceed what is safe, especially with a high center of gravity vehicle. If you are in a hurry probably best to drill a hole in the transom and install a drain plug later.
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    My first capsize & turtle

    Mixmar is correct, less then 12 feet of water and the mast gets stuck in the mud. It's easy to make the next time better it you tie a empty milk jug to the top of the mast. If may save you from a bent gaff. If kids are sailing the boat I'd always recommend this as it takes two of them pulling...
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    Hull only

    It's not hard too find a boat with a bad hull but usable hardware. If it's a good hull for $100 or less I'd buy it and store it away for when you can find a deal with usable parts. If nothing more you can get your money back by selling the trim and drain plug.
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    Crack in hull

    Need to find out if the crack is sitting directly over the Tub Flange. Look under the lip of the deck and see if the tub has separated from the deck. To see if it's just a gel coat crack or if the fiberglass is cracked you will have to grind away the gel coat above the crack. How to do a...
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    Another day sailing, another major repair.....

    The popped seam for the steel plates on the Titanic was over 240 feet long. That's a hell of a lot of Flex Seal! If they could have slowed the influx of water and stayed afloat a couple more hours things might have turned out a little better.