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    rudder bushings

    You can find them at the hardware store for about a dollar each.
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    metal screws when installing inspection port ??

    The deck is not flat. You need the screws to curve the port ring to the deck.
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    Finishing up my 1983 Sunfish

    That or the wrong springs. Ever take a spring to the hardware store and try to match it? I don't think it happens often. Like any project ya gotta take it apart before you can put it back together in working order. I used Stainless Steel bolts, between the aluminum rudder cheeks and the...
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    Finishing up my 1983 Sunfish

    Can't tell with just a picture. There should be plastic fender washers between the grudgen and wood rudder at the pivot bolt. Same with the tiller strap bolt which I see not. Pull the bolts and go get some plastic washers at the hardware. While you're at it get 2 brass bushing to install in...
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    Prepping hull to repaint

    Here are the Marine TopCoat Directions. . . BARE FIBERGLASS - The entire surface, regardless of age, must be thoroughly washed with a fiberglass cleaner to remove all traces of mold release agents and wax. Sand the gel coat with 80-120 grit sandpaper to create a dull, frosty appearance. Remove...
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    Finishing up my 1983 Sunfish

    You would need to sand with something thinner than the daggerboard. I've had epoxy beads after a repair and the daggerboard got wedged. If you do go that route run a cloth through the trunk and try to remove all the excess epoxy while it is still wet.
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    Finishing up my 1983 Sunfish

    DON'T remove the metal trim, not only does it protect the fiberglass flange, it's cost is worth as much as the boat. If you do remove it I must say, please send it my way cuz I sure can use it. Topsides needs the topside fiberglass primer first. Topsides is kind of a soft paint, I mixed in...
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    Would rivets hold a hiking strap metal loop?

    There's space between the dagger board trunk and tub but it is a bit of a reach. The port in the cockpit is easier as Sailflow suggested. However you do it remember that the fiberglass is really thin and easy to fracture. The more you spread out the load the better. Easy way would be to epoxy...
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    Would rivets hold a hiking strap metal loop?

    It will work for a while but eventually loosen without the stress being distributed by a backing plate. If you put in the inspection port behind the splash rail it's easy to reach the inside front of the tub. You can go with fender washers or pop rivet into a metal backing plate. If you...
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    First time on the water

    Aluminum spar does not provide much friction to keep the wraps from turning. Try a few extra wraps around to increase friction area. I think the knot was created assuming you're tying around a wooden post.
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    First time on the water

    I have a van so I keep the back hatch flipped up. You really need to see the back of of trailer at all times backing up. If you vehicle sucks if in visibility department take a couple PVC Pipes and attach vertically to each rear corner of the trailer. You'll see that a lot for small fishing...
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    1963 Alcort Wooden Sunfish CHIP Restoration

    Just like the Minimax and Minimost, designed to take advantage of 4 x 8 plywood sheets. Anyone care to list any additional '4 X 8' boats kits? I believe the original glue that was used at the time was powered Weldwood. These things would be perfect for a laser cut kit if you had the...
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    Sunfish in water

    After power washing and drying out you'll have a decent hull. The price is exactly what it's worth so you could buy it, clean it up and store it while looking for another Sunfish. If you can find a Sunfish with good hardware but a crappy hull you may come out ahead. If not you could sell it...
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    It's not a Sunfish, so what is it?

    Yitch, poor design to start with. With all the stress cracks I'd grind the gel coat away, fiberglass over the hole and redrill for a Sunfish drain, if you can make it work. Get a Sunfish drain before you do anything to see if you can test fit it. If you can get it to work you'll have a...
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    Building a new Daggerboard

    As we always say, "Pound for pound, wood is stronger than steel!"