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    Lake Lanier Georgia

    Can anyone in the Atlanta area make any suggestions on the best place to launch and sail on Lanier? Thanks, Bill
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    Old Style Sunfish parts for sale

    Is there any chance you still have the bow handle. I'm interested if you do. Please let me know how much you want for it. Thanks, Bill
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    bow handle

    Looking for a used bow handle in reasonably good condition. Can email me at Bill
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    Cam cleats mounted outboard

    I'm thinking of mounting cam cleats outboard from the mainsheet block on my Windflite. I'll only be doing recreational sailing and the mainsheet block is not a ratchet. I know I've seen pictures of this arrangement somewhere, with the cam cleats wedged in one direction. Can anyone tell me...
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    still having problems downloading pics

    I'm wondering if this will download.
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    Wood finishes

    I'll check it out, many thanks, B
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    Wood finishes

    Now that I have my dagger board and rudder stripped and sanded to about 180 grit, can anyone give me an idea about the best finish for them. They are a very nicely grained mahogany, no checks or cracks. Bill
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    Odd looking Sunfish

    The AMF serial number suggests that mine is also the '76 model. The old bailer was trashed and I simply removed it. It appears that the new replacement will fit just fine. Thanks
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    Odd looking Sunfish

    I believe that I can probably make the wood moldings that go over the ridge. I'm still confused, though, as the pics I looked at don't show any blocks or cams that control the mainsheet. The only thing I saw was the mainseet "hook". How does this thing actually work? Do the interchangable...
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    Odd looking Sunfish

    Thanks for the info. The sail does have the logo you mentioned. Additionally, the edge of the deck does not have the normal rubrail but rather the deck/hull joint is merely rolled over downward. This would also explain the arrangement of deck hardware that's a little different. The hull...
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    Odd looking Sunfish

    I recently bought my first sunfish, based on the serial number looks like a '76 and is missing most of the deck hardware. However, in looking on line at literally hundreds of pictures I've never seen a deck like this one. Just forward of the cockpit is a raised ridge where the coaming should...
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    Sunfish Trailer

    Looking for a reasonably priced, used sunfish trailer. "Needs some work" is ok. Bill