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    New North Race Sail

    Depends on the breeze, your weight, hiking ability etc
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    AlumaCraft S-12

    $500 max for such an unusual boat, IF FIXED UP
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    Need Help/Advice

    To prevent the vang key from coming off the boom, one can use tape or an elastic for security.
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    Lasers on a lunch break

    Greece still is less expensive for the tourist compared to most of Europe.
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    Lasers on a lunch break

    In Vasiliki (Greece)
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    Has anyone had black mold in their hull?

    And keep the interior dry as much as possible from now on...
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    Big Site Updates

    The J24 forum could use a Wanted section
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    fiberglass daggerboard and squall line

    The rocking (and death rolling) that Ghost Rider so eloquently describes is more typical of a Laser than a Sunfish. Not that you don't need to pay attention going downwind in big breeze...
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    Laser – Olympic Worldcup 2018 – Finals – Marseille FRA – Final results

    My personal opinion is that this World Cup series has been a failure. So many of the top guys and gals are missing. I hope that World Sailing will discontinue the event or 'invent' something more interesting.
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    Preventing a Waterlogged Hull

    Have to agree with tag. Removing a bit of water after an outing is OK. But I would weigh the hull to see if it has absorbed a lot of water in its past life. And do find out where the water is coming from!
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    Aluminum Trim Section...

    L&VW: Should this thread be deleted?
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    Wanted Sunfish tiller extension

    If you want to hike, a 'universal' with a longer (metal or composite) extension is really nice, as tag already pointed out.
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    Wooden Sailfish sailboat Restoration

    Nice plan! Signal Charlie is extremely gracious sharing his knowledge about fixing wooden fishes.
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    Tacking angle

    Back to sailing fundamentals: 1. Especially on a Sunfish, don't sheet in too much going upwind. On starboard tack one can sheet in a bit more; having the clew above the corner of the stern is about right. 2. Learn to roll tack 3. Use a vane on the upper spar (gaff). Can be as simple as a clothes...
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    Turned down low price fish purchases

    Now you have time to go sailing!