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    Wanted: Sunfish in southwest

    Please note that the Sunfish class has a Southwest region that includes NM: International Sunfish Class Association but the level of activities is considerably lower than, for instance, near the Gulf or the Eastern part of the USA. Whatever, enjoy your fish!
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    How to find used Laser and Sunfish in my area - Southwest

    1. Major Laser regatta ongoing in Corpus Christie. See the Laser News section for details. Someone may want to get rid of a boat directly or via a dealer. 2. New Mexico is in Laser District 23 and the rep is Geoff Hurwitch. You might contact him. You can send me a PM for his E-mail address.
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    Help ID'ing My New 'Fish

    I think that you are correct. Looks like a 'real' Sunfish to me with a rudder modification (and a drain in the stern). PS: the deckplate near the stern provides more evidence for this thinking.
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    Mast reinforcement sleeve

    If someone wants to find out if a mast has been reinforced, one needs to take off the bottom cap and slide a stick upwards along the inside of the mast.
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    Sunfish Forum Photo Gallery / Files ..... moved?

    It's been a LONG while! But we are still a friendly bunch of sailors. And as Kent already wrote, Wayne (bless his heart) did contribute significantly to this forum, but he was never the 'manager' of the Sunfish forum. He did run the Yahoo Sunfish Group for quite some time until his untimely passing.
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    WTB Used Class approved Racing sail

    Wrote you a PM
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    Precision P13... I know... It's not a Laser... but...

    Agreed; We will do our best!
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    Moving "up"??

    I wish... Perhaps a (foiling) moth in my next life or will it be a (foiling) kite?
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    Transom drain plug

    I am with Signal Charlie, and, really, a hole in the stern doesn't get rid of all the water due to the innards of the Sunfish. When a Sunfish is rested on a horizontal surface, any water inside will collect near the daggerboard trunk and, assuming access via a port, can be sponged out easily.
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    Estate Sale Parts

    Can someone explain why there are two kinds of rudder blades (25" and 35") in that group? Maybe one of them is for another fish?
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    Super Sunfish

    A Laser upper mast and a Sunfish mast will bend differently I hate to discourage innovation, but what you will end up with, if anything, will be slower than a race-rigged (updated) Sunfish. Just my opinion, of course...
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    Mast reinforcement sleeve

    Newer Sunfish masts are reinforced with a sleeve.
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    "crackly" stiff sail

    Once a Sunfish sail has lost its 'ideal' shape, it can't be restored, unfortunately. But you can sail with it just fine. And, most importantly, you will have an excuse if you don't win the race.
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    Super Sunfish

    Not clear what you are after... :confused:
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    Glamor Shot

    Not a spring chicken anymore, I must confess :eek: