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    1998 Laser dist 15

    1998 Vangard laser, #164302, radial & std masts and sails, new vang, cunny, outhaul set up. 2004 Sportsman trailer, seitech dolly. $3200 - 979 574-5670,
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    centerboard fit

    I am glad to say I finally found and bought a used laser.Now I have a question about the fit of the Centerboard into the trunk. There seems to be a lot of play side to side, if I push the board over to one side there is 1/4" to 3/8" clearance measured at the bottom of the boat. Could this be...
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    need advice on competitive boat

    I was hoping to get a boat, trailer and dolly for around $2500.00 American. I suspect a new one with all the go fast stuff added would be quite a bit more, but I have not priced them out. I am in central Texas if anyone knows of a boat for sale. Martin
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    need advice on competitive boat

    Lots of good info - thanks. Hope to be Laser sailing soon. Martin
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    need advice on competitive boat

    I would like to buy a laser and start racing - I am an experienced keel boat racer, but have problems finding crew. What should I look for in buying a used laser. Certain hulls better than others? Hull #'s to look out for? I would prefer to buy a boat that is 90 - 100% ready to race. Any insite...