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    Drysuit considerations

    This is a beautiful tough suit ... i have a version of this suit that is 15 years old... and still working well... Has adjustable neck that is really comfortable ... easy on easy off... and seals up ... bone dry.. Sentinel™ Series Boat Crew Dry Suit MSD634
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    Hull ID number means what?

    LaLi can you guess how many boats were made by Primex S.A. for the 1997 Worlds in Chile ??? thanks again...
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    Hull ID number means what?

    This makes total sense the second owner I purchased the boat from brought the boat up to Vancouver Canada from Chile... it has Aero Cóndor decals on the sail and hulls. Thanks so much... Didn't know they made Lasers in South America. Thought it might be from California... Don
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    Hull ID number means what?

    Here is a real weird HIN it is on a boat i just purchased... i would like to know where it was made... I know the year of the boat is 97-98 from the decal in the cockpit 164005 Thanks