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    Laser Daggerboard Size and dimensions?

    A rope handle passing through not more than two holes of maximum diameter 12.5 mm above a line drawn from the bottom of the centreboard stop, parallel to the top of the centreboard is permitted. A plastic/rubber tube and/or tape are permitted on the handle of the centreboard.
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    Need for attachment to Dinghy in case of heavy weather

    Determining how a voyaging vessel will be used often dictates the best method of dinghy transportation. Whichever system is chosen &mdash on-deck chocks, davits, towing astern or other &mdash ensure that necessary gear is installed properly using the correct hardware, fasteners, backing plates...
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    Laser Bahia

    The Bahia is a far better conceived package than the Omega imho, sounds like it would sort your purposes very well. As an accomplished capsiser and turtler I think rotomoulded boats do stand up to rough treatment better than other types of plastic.