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    laser mast step leaking

    my laser 4.7 mast step is leaking it has had 1 repair job done on it before from what i can see it has expanding foam around the bottom of it inside the hull. it is starting to leak a lot more from when i got the boat and i think this is where it is coming through. iv been told to get some...
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    Hi there just have a few questions about the laser 4.7. First off how much Vang should i have on when i am on a reach? What is the best way to keep the centerboard from falling out when you capsize? How do you get the creases out of the sail in light airs? The plug in the bottom section of...
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    broken mast

    noway i a not that stupid lol like when the side stay breaks on a boat and the mast comes down and lands on you or when you break one of the sections of the mast on your laser thats what i want to know what to do when that happens.
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    broken mast

    hi there i was just wondering wat is the best thing to do when u have just broke a mast or have one fall down on you out on the water i have had it happen to me twice in one week when i was away at a sailing school event sailing a sunburst but most of the time i sail a laser 4.7 any ideas...
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    Towing Laser behind a boat....

    towing a laser once it has just broken its top section free to sub to the channel :)
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    youtube sailing channels

    hi there first post here i was just wondering how many other sailing channels there were out thereon youtube if u have one can you leave the link to it here is my channel :)