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    WANTED: old style boom vang 'swivel'

    My '75 laser need a new part on the boom vang. I now think that what I really need is just the pin & ring for the vang block. (I first posted that I needed the 'swivel') I cannot see any photos of this part of the vang or determine if that is right. I'm not sure what the 20-21-1 with key is...
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    tips on painting a laser hull

    I have a 38 year old laser in decent shape. It has spent much of the past 20 years on dry land. Even the ropes are still in good condition, although I am going to replace them and go for a newer, cleaner look. My kids and I are looking forward to enjoying it. The original green hull is sun...
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    Laser TRAILER

    :) I need a good condition trailer to haul my boat 40 miles for sailing. Anyone have something that I could use?
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    Laser hardware and misc. for sale

    I received the list from her (in a quick response email), and am waiting to confirm the deal. The parts are mostly smaller, repair pieces.
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    TRAILER for laser boat

    I am looking for a trailer to haul my 1975 laser sailboat. I have seen the new ones for $700+ but would like to find something that will work well for a laser without spending so much.